M17 "Acting Club" Game Signups (18p)

Welcome to CDFM Game 7 M17 Acting Club.

This game is brought to you by the Chief Delphi community and will be orchestrated by myself @quin and will present some new ways to play (I hope). Start of this game is slated for 2021-04-21T16:00:00Z (after my exams). There are no restrictions on who can join this game with respect to being formed for a subsection of this community, but it has been known that the post count can get quite high (~5k posts total in the game).

Rules: From Chief Delphi

1: Follow the Chief Delphi forum rules.

2: Be respectful to the hosts and your fellow players. Attacking other players in a personal manner is strictly forbidden.

3: Don’t throw the game. Always play with the intent of helping your faction win.

4: Don’t be inactive. If you do not post meaningfully within 24 hours or at least five times in any given phase, you will be prodded. Receiving two prods or failing to respond to a prod within 12 hours will result in your removal from the game. Attempts to “prod dodge” by barely meeting this limit are discouraged.

5: Do not discuss the game outside of the game. Anywhere. It’s not worth it.

6: No editing or deleting posts for any reason without express moderator permission.

7: No posting after the majority is reached or at night. I can’t lock the thread, so I’m relying on you all to just follow this rule and not post. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in your removal from the game.

8: Do not quote/screenshot private host messages. They’re private for a reason.

9: Angle Shooting is strictly prohibited. This involves any and all methods outside of the game thread that may help determine a player’s alignment, including your own. If this occurs accidentally, PM the hosts. If this occurs intentionally, it may be considered cheating.

10: Keep the thread clean of outside influence. Dead players cannot interact with those alive in any way, including liking posts in the game thread, or voting in polls. Living players, likewise, should direct all questions to the hosts through PMs, rather than just pinging them in the thread. No vote counts will be given by the dead, nor will they end the day.

11: Do not edit the OP for any reason without host permission. If you believe you can make a positive contribution, PM the hosts first.

12: It’s a game - have fun!


This role allows this player to track the actions of one specific player each night by typing

/track @player

In their role card or a joint faction chat. (performances are untrackable.)


This role allows this specific player to heal one specific player each night by typing (may self target once)

/heal @player

In their role card or a joint faction chat.


This role allows this specific player to transport 2 players including themselves at night. This causes PR actions (not including performances) to be swapped between them. To perform this, this player will need to type

/transport @player with @player
(order of the players does not matter)

In their role card or a joint faction chat.


This role allows this specific player to shoot a specific player at night. You have 2 bullets to do so. If a shot is blocked a bullet is consumed. If a town member is shot then the vigilante cannot shoot again. To shoot a specific player type

/shoot @player

in their role card or a joint faction chat.


Each night you will select three other unique PRs to spy upon that night. You will be informed of who was visited by these PR’s. (The list of names given will not correspond to the order that the spy selects who they spy upon). To perform said action type

/spy upon PR x, PR y, and PR z,

in a role card or a joint faction chat.

Jack of All Trades

This role allows the player to possess one spy action, one tracker action, one vigilante action for the entire game. To perform said action type

/track /shoot @player or /spy tonight

In their role card or a joint faction chat

Performers X9

These roles can perform upon any person each night by typing

/perform on @player
in their role card or a joint faction chat.


This role allows the mafia to block any night roles of that player for that night. To do this type

/block @player

In their role card or a joint faction chat.


This role allows the mafia to find the role of a specific player by typing

/investigate @player

In their role card or a joint faction chat


This role allows the cleaning one player each night. when a player is cleaned the janitor is informed of their role and alinement, but when that player is killed or eliminated their role will not be told (having it be stated “cleaned”). To clean a player type

/Clean @player

In their role card or a joint faction chat.

Game notes:

What do Performances do?

Performances are a new type of action specific to this game. Each PR (mafia and town) will have an performer partner that they know who but the performer doesn’t. If the performer performs upon their partnered player their role will be blocked. They will not be notified if they did find their partner if this occurs. When either a PR or a performer dies and role card would be revealed any performer partner information will be excluded. Performances can be blocked.

How does the draft work?

Each player will select two numbers from 1-15. The highest unique overall number will be given the first selection. The second number is only used to break ties that are created by the first. (RNG will be used to break further ties). Once all players have a draft positions those positions will be posted on game thread anonymously. Then all players will submit what PR they would like to me, if that PR has already been taken then either they would get the next PR on their list or be assigned a role as a performer. To guarantee that all roles that are mentions in this post are present within the game draft place 11 will be able to add one extra PR to their submission and so on with draft place adding two extra PRs. So, for example if i were in draft place 16 i would have a list of 7 PRs that i would submit out of the nine that are present within the game.

Game Mechanics:

This game will be a 18p custom setup made by me for this very game
It will consist of 36 hour days and 12 hour nights with the start of day one being Wednesday 2021-04-21T16:00:00Z
Will be played with 9 PR’s, and 9 performers. With a town to mafia distribution of 14:4.
All night actions are mandatory (other than roles with limited uses) and if they are not submitted by 12:00(noon) Atlantic, they will be randomly selected and the final hour will be for the player to change or confirm.
If any type of block is placed upon a player that affects the result of their night actions, they will be notified that their action failed whatever it was. If the block had no effect upon said person there would be no message that would communicate that result.


• To accuse someone, the hammer button at the top of the reply box is to be used and said person’s name would be added where it states “name” or “NoElim” could be added to vote to eliminate no that day.
• The host will give current vote counts whenever they are available to do so. As well the gavel at the bottom of any post has the vote count from at the time of that point.
• Votes are automatically locked in at LyLo (Elim or lose) and may not be changed once placed


• Every day will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when day ends will be eliminated
• Starting Day 2, if a majority number of votes is reached on a player, the day will end immediately with their elimination
• It will be made public when the game is in LyLo (when anything but a correct elimination will lead to Mafia victory)

Mafia Mechanics:

• Mafia may communicate at any time
• Mafia share a factional night kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction
• Mafia factional kills are mandatory - they must submit a target every night
• Mafia factional kills are assigned to the play who submits the kill. If the kill is randomly selected by mod/mods then the executioner will also be randomly selected. Count as a visit for that player.

Win Conditions:

• The Town wins when all Mafia are dead
• The Mafia win when they match or exceed the number of remaining Town players and have ensured this cannot be undone

Game Setup Update (post 23)

Game setup update:
(This will be updating in the original post as well)

Balance changes:

  • All above roles will be added to a role draft. To assign roles pre-game each player will select two numbers from 1-15. Highest unique number will be rewarded with the first overall pick. The second number is used to break ties of the first in the same manner. Once each player is given a draft they will request one of the unique PR’s present in the game. (Expect for the case listed in point 4 of this post)

  • The janitor role will change to inform the janitor of the role and alignment of who ever they clean but if this player is killed or eliminated from the game any future day or night (including the night cleaned) their role card will be revealed as blank.

  • The spy role will change to instead of just being information on mafia. The spy will select three unique PR’s from the game each night, they will informed on any motion of those PR’s execute that night (mafia faction kill could be included if that kill is executed by one of the PR’s selected).

  • To ensure that all PR’s are present in the game starting from draft rank 11 each player will list one extra PR in a tier list instead of just an individual PR selection. For example if I was in slot 13 I would submit a list with 4 PR’s listed.

  1. PR w
  2. PR x
  3. PR y
  4. PR z
Other notes:

Please make sure to read all the rules of this site as well, some of them are quite different from Chief Delphi’s.
Links to helpful information are below.

  • Any additional questions can be asked below.
  • If capacity is reached before the start of the game I may run and distribute roles early.
  • Flavour theme would be a) non existent (if i am lazy) or b) backstage of a performing arts venue (if i am not). if you have ideas regarding that flavour topic they can be left below as well.

Thanks the gods we gonna game


Please :pray: if you sign up expect to post at least 10 substantive posts per day


I want to join because CD games are always fun but this setup feels really townsided


14v4 at rand
miselim, nightkill, misvig 11v4
miselim, nightkill 9v4
miselim, nightkill 7v4
miselim, nightkill 5v4
miselim → parity

so town gets, like, 5-6 town-controlled kills

with six claimable PRs, this essentially means that unless town really messes up, or Mafia goes 1v1 with a town PR, scum needs to miselim 5-6 of the 8 Performers in order to win

this is a bit negatable with the janitor being a thing, but the janitor can be negated by literally just doing a D1 massclaim, which is normally a bad idea but in this case probably breaks the game

and that’s before accounting for any PR action besides the vig shot

if the Mafia PRs act on anyone, this produces a bunch more cleared villagers due to the Spy, which probably just mechlocks the game

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So I do see you points, so what tweak would be needed to lessen the bias towards town that you see?

With the spy, maf can self visit with the performer or even with the consig/consort if they really want to so I would not call full locking as you stated.

How would this look if 1 of the town performers was switched to maf?

So 13 v 5 at the start

Does janitor know the roles of cleaned ppl?



Could potentially change that so they can + start the game on a night

Since I think that would stop the d1 massclaim strat since maf could fakeclaim the cleaned role

I’m so in.
@EricKline, I hope you’re still offering that high five.

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Arete asked me to look at this setup

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Why are performers the way they are?
Why is this an open setup?
Why is there both transporter and two roles that can vig in the same setup?

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Hm. Can you talk a bit about your vision for the setup, and the different roles? (including the performer)

I have a bigger issue with this setup since there’s no fruit vendor

The setup could literally be 100 town and 1 scum and I’d be cool wit it

I also am not smart enough or have enough drive to actually look at the setup so whatever changes are wanted are j chilling with me

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I prefer setup that everyone has a “role” to play within the game (more than a VT). So that gave birth to the performer role. From that there the game was filled with PR’s that I felt complimented/balanced each other. I am not dead set on any of them. (But I do personally like the spy and transporter). Getting me as close to that 3:1 +1 ratio (since it would have to be an even number with the parting of performers to PRs, giving us the eighteen player setup). Changing to a night start I do not prefer because it would instantly eliminate someone without giving them a real opportunity to play.

But you complained about my setup since there was only 1 mafia


ha gottem

I share the concerns about the setup but don’t have time to do anything about it atm

Just do a role thing like M16, but have neighborizer not be picked by 7 different people, none of which included the mafia