Liars Club Video Mafia League Season 1

I’ll update this topic with more information over the next few days. In the interim feel free to ask any questions!

  • Video Mafia league that’s streamed on Twitch.
  • Regular Season: Oct 5 to Nov 11. Playoffs (Top 13): Nov 12 to Nov 18.
  • 30-35 players from various communities, $2000 prize pool
  • Each game lasts around 45 minutes.
  • Games on Wednesday (1), Saturday (2), Sunday (2). Starts 8 pm EST. You have to play 2 games a week.
  • Need to be 18 or older to play.

Full informational brochure on the League:


The setup’s fairly intricate and I’d be happy to talk about it here. In the process of sketching up a blurb on it to make it easier to understand for people from forum mafia. Make sure to read all the roles! They do different things than what you might expect.

If you’re at all interested in playing please let me know!

Even if you’re not playing I hope you guys tune in to watch because I’ll be playing and making a fool of myself. I played in a practice session last week…let’s just say my forum skillset wasn’t at all transferable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve talked a bunch with the founders of Liars Club and we may collaborate more in the future. They’re both lovely people who share our goal of growing mafia’s popularity and they’re going to put on a great show.


I’d play if I wasn’t camera-shy.

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What are the game times in your time zone?

I live in GMT+8. EST is exactly 12 hours away, meaning that it would probably start at 8AM. I can do it, just have to set an alarm.

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There are going to be a few more test sessions, do you want try out one of those? All the other players will still see you but it won’t be streamed. :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks awesome. Will know for sure if I can commit to this in the next couple days. But looks really great.

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@activatedalien Do you have the dates and times for the remaining test/practice sessions?

My understanding is that anyone on the fence about the committing to the whole league or who just only has time for a one off thing are welcome to those.

Important thing I forgot: Players have to be 18 or older. I’ll add this to the OP. #freesheep

I’m sorry, but I think I’m too shy to for now!

I played in one of the practice games with almost zero idea how to play live and it was good fun, would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

There’s one this weekend (tentatively Sunday at 8pm EST) but let me get you the exact details tomorrow.

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i like money

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I’d play, but I have another commitment on Sundays. Would I have to be available for all the sessions or can I just play my two games on Wed/Sat?

hmm the setup is bastard?
like i dont think this is a good setup for competitive mafia

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nevermind was misunderstanding it though i dont like the idea of a multiball setup thats so small
has anyone run EV calculations on the setup?

Just need to be available for two games so that works! :slight_smile:
I’ll ping you when I know the dates for non-Sunday test sessions.

The prevailing notion on forums that role-lite, two-alignment setups where every alignment has an equal chance of winning are the standard for competitive/balanced games is

  • probably already not true on its own.
  • almost certainly not true for quicker video games that can afford a much larger sample size.

The founders of the league have run thousands of simulations for each of the various starting states.

They also made a scoring system that takes into account the different expected win rates - you can read about it here:

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The people running Liars Club are aware of the clash their game philosophy has with the majority of current forum mafia players. We’ll be recording a video discussion soon and the setup in particular along with their general setup/balance philosophy will definitely be topics that are highlighted. :slight_smile:

I’m of the opinion that 3rd party requires a different skillset than groupscum, so I don’t mind that getting thrown into the mix.
Randomly changing players’ win conditions is almost certainly as bastard as you can get, though.

N0 player decisions are basically part of the setup roll. Wincons don’t get changed after that and everyone knows their own win-con.

Ah right I forgot n0 is a thing, I assumed all that happened n1. :stuck_out_tongue: