Liars Club Video Mafia League Season 2

We’ve been invited back for Season 2!

Season 1 Topic: Liars Club Video Mafia League Season 1

Link to interest form in the above:

If anyone’s interested in playing send me a message here or on Discord (Ellibereth #1113).

I’ll be updating this topic with news/updates on the League.

The folks running the league will be releasing more formal information about season 2 soon. The changes from season 1 that I’m aware of are:

  1. Lovers replaced with prisoners (They’re coming out with a new setup pdf soon)
  2. 6 out of 8 games count in the regular season instead of 5.
  3. Playoffs over 2 weeks instead of 1.
  4. 7 spots for non-nominated players in an open qualifier.
  5. More prizes!

I applied in the interest form

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Maybe in the summer

I’ll apply. Let’s see how this goes.

Info/Setup here:

We’re sending @Srceenplay, @Nanook, and @Urist.

While I’ll be trying to claim PR every game in the open qualifier.


I wonder who shall I stan

Stan me please

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Anyone else plan on going into the preseason next week?

I’ll be trying to play a game or two to get back into video mafia shape

Preseason week 1 player lists were posted! Times below are EST.

@Srceenplay is playing in game 1 on Sunday at 8:50 pm.
@Srceenplay is also playing in game 2 on Sunday at 10:15 pm.
@Urist is playing in game 3 on Monday at 8:50 pm.
@Ellibereth is playing in game 4 on Monday at 10:15 pm.
@Ellibereth and @Urist are playing in game 5 on Tuesday at 8:50 pm.
@Ellibereth, @Nanook and @Urist are playing in game 6 on Tuesday at 10:15 pm.

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I will do my best to try and watch one of those games.

They record VoDs right?

I’ll try and watch if I’m not banned from their twitch

@Urist got second place in preseason and is now 70 dollars richer aye.


i heard josh is in it so i will watch


@Srceenplay @Nanook @Urist @Josh and I are all in the league.
Hopefully we all place top 5.

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oh hey @Urist i’m in your games Tuesday

I have never played video mafia so this is going to be a time

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Oh yeah? I looked and didn’t see you, what name are you going under?

I’m listed as Pancake, though he’s changing that

All of us but screen are in G2 Tuesday. Get hyped!