IPick Triumvirate

Hmm, interesting, I don’t necessarily think that’s a great read on Andres, I might have to go read some of his games. I haven’t really been considering him. In fact, I had him as town because I have M2H as mafia.

Your read on:

I’m in a conundrum cause I believe star might see whatever it is with M2, but I also see Andres as scummy. And I agree they’re less likely partners.

Null on erika so far, don’t love the fairly easy doggo push but need to see more tbh.

Erika seems town, from her PoV there is probably scum in the Remedial Topic right, so the Doggo read does make some sense.

I don’t think we should discount the possibility of both being scum. I think that Andres’s push on M2H is scummy regardless of M2H’s alignment.

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Remedial PT could be pure yeah? It’s literally just people that didn’t give a chess answer in the survey isn’t it?

it could also be entirely scum LOL

Yeah, I have Erika Town.


has gtacc posted?

Good point, GTacc has posted and is voting M2H

The correct answer though is: yes, GTacc is town.

Only if you can’t count!

I actually think M2H said a bunch of things that he doesn’t tend to say as scum, so I’m thinking he’s probably town now and I believe the gambit that he’s trying to pull… But also it’s low risk for me to buy into that because I think town probably never lets a player like that live through the game.


I think M2 is prime vig bait tbh, it’s a shame he isn’t in remedial chess

I think I got the right move on #3 (maybe chesskid laughing at me right now), but I trolled #2 and I don’t know how to solve #1

I’m happy I’m not in remedial classes lol, they don’t look fun

I feel like Puzzle 3 is easy, you just need to look for the forced move that doesn’t put you in mate.

F6 -> E4 forces the Black player’s hand, but I think Black can force a draw by playing QF3 QF1 repeatedly now that I look at it again, so maybe I have it wrong, but it looks like it’s losing for white.

OH NO, that play is wrong.

QH8, RG8, RE8 is the play (queen gets sacked, Black is in checkmate)