IPick Triumvirate

Ok we can be masons


was it g4?

Idk what G4 accomplishes other than chasing the bishop

was it qd3?

During the electoral college mafia, Chesskid discussed at length that it wouldn’t be balanced if it were all town in the PT, so I doubt he would put all town here.

It’s up to you guys to figure out what to do with each other. It’s slightly more risque to lynch one of you because we lose control if we’re wrong, but we lose control anyway with the night kill.

i wonder if anyone would bet with me regarding what your move will be @starv

i think we should use the ability n1, and the 3 of us can decide together who should be lynched d2. if one of us is killed n1 and another refuses to go with the plan, that person is confirmed scum imo.

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I moved the knight to f3

do you know what the other ppl are submitting?


I have one scum read that is not in here.

M2H is lock scum, take it to the bank

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Should I bet on you to win @starv??


Should we try to consolidate our reads here?

probably, yeah.

why is m2h lockscum exactly?

Elli has taught me to not give reasoning. I’ve been reading through his games, I think this deviates from his town play in one very specific aspect.

the only thing that gives me pause is how bloodthirsty andres seems. it looks like scum pushing a mislynch.
i like this side of andres, but it seems uncharacteristic to his usual uncertain town play.