IPick Triumvirate

StarV, Nanook, Urist -> Triumvurate, Gatekeepers of good positive survey responses! Really great stuff guys way to show everyone else how it’s done.

As such, enjoy this neighboorhood, plus you have a 1-shot ability that can be used any night if a simple majority of you agree to it.

If you use it, only the living members of this thread have lynch votes the next day.

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Can we use it right now


wait your ability? no there is no night 0

you can chat


Oh shiiet sup guys
We all town?

@chesskid3 is this a masonry?


So it’s a masonry, got it

Can I bet on everyone here being town?

I think the set up doesn’t make sense if this is masons. I have another PT, maybe we can make a deal… I won’t lynch here if you guys promise to not night kill into my other PT?

The funny thing is, I don’t even know if the players in my other PT are all town.

There’s 3 others right? I doubt all 6 of us are town lol

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We should use our shared ability n1 to prevent abuse if one of us is scum.

If we decide on d1 who we’re lynching on d2, we can scam 3 people by making $100 bets with them. Might be tough tho, unless we pick someone who generally doesn’t get lynched d2.

Actually @starv can you enlighten us as to what the other neighborhood is about? I’m assuming it’s the remedial lessons

Likely that exactly one of us is mafia yeah? Two is broken, none is uh…possible but kinda dicey?

Why is none dicey?

Dicey on past chess game designs/game theory discussions we’ve had.

I mean it is explicitly a fucky game hence it not being impossible we’re all town

But I think chance of there being two is close to zero, chance of one is highest by far.

I think we’re all on the same page. Even if that’s not optimal for everyone here.