IPick Triumvirate

Optimal is probably to use our thing N1 and kill one of us D2 yeah?

In all likelihood one of us will be nk’d so it’s not really feasible to lynch inside the group.

Like neighborhood notwithstanding I think that all of us are choice nk targets yeah?

Fuck, yeah guess you’re right. Where’s elli and/or chess when you need them

On the bright side a NK in here turns things into a likely 50/50 next day so that’s something

That’s kinda what I mean… if one of us is nk’d it doesn’t mean there’s scum in the hood, since the mafia could have just decided to kill us without knowing about the Triumvirate.

Actually I think that the ideal thing to do with the money is pool it all on one person and force them to use the shot on a specific person.


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l o l

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w h o o p s

I mean uh

Technically yes, but I still think that it’s likely there’s a scum in here lol

Did I hear someone say double modkill ??

Do we do that here?


You should tell your partner what to post in my other PT.

Why vote me?

Why vote me?

Why not question the other votes on you?

They’re not in a PT with me

So which of you and Urist is mafia?

why can’t we just be masons

@starv did you already submit a move?