Interview Series Suggestions and Discussion

This clearly needs to be a topic, since we’ve wound up discussing interviewee suggestions in the interview topics, themselves.

I hope that over time, the interview topics will be places where members can interact with the interviewees and discuss the content of the interviews themselves. I think that kind of interaction would add a lot of value to the interview content beyond the initial Q&A and profiles.

As part of the site culture and vision for Mafia451, the interviews are meant to be something a little different from “These are a few of our favorite players”. More to come soon on the interviews and why we decided to host them.

I’ll move the general discussions about interviews here in a bit.

nancy interview would be great :slight_smile:

who the fuck is nancy

i dont agree

can we not interview or suggest to interview randoms

nancy isn’t a random. She’s a strong player at ms and she’s played at mu too.

Disagree with a nancy interview.

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Like Regfan plays with nancy a lot more then others msers do (which is fine) and nancy plays mostly offsite (which is fine) but outside of her little clique I feel like she is kind of overhyped and overrated when she was playing?
I mean tbf I have no idea how she is now but meh I kind of just see her as overhyped and overrated, kind of like myself except I’m actually a good mod.

I don’t even know if she DOES play offsite anymore tbh. Like idunno.

yeah like I’m pretty iffy on the slated Thor interview like but I could see that passing

Nancy interview im straight up objecting to

there are tons of better players to interview, heck id rather see an interview of ffery herself

I also prefer to see Tammy interview or hitogoroshi interview

There are plenty of people who you don’t know who you might think are “randos” that aren’t! Being introduced to people/mindsets you don’t know and respect already is as much what this is about as giving you some more insight into player’s you love playing with or reading games of.

I don’t think level of “hype” compared to reality should actually matter at all. (and really how good are most of us at judging what reality is anyway?) The purposes of these interviews really is to give people a gateway into someone’s mind and see how they think about Mafia. The judgement about whether to take any techniques or listen to advice is really up to the reader. Even amongst people you might think are “good” there’ll be contradictory advice.

In general I actually think there’s are only a few good reasons to NOT interview someone if whoever we’re interviewing is engaged with the process and wants to do it. We only have to be somewhat picky with selectionsince these take some work and we don’t have infinite time - but we’re making an effort to not only choose people who you can learn from but choose people who you can learn different things from.

@fferyllt and I put in a decent amount of time every week just planning out our content schedule so it’s cohesive and relatively diverse. I hope you guys can trust us that if we do choose to produce something we think that sufficient people will find it interesting and worth their time to read.

So yeah, it would be a lot more helpful to suggest people you’d be super excited to read about rather point out the people you wouldn’t.

yeah if you guys vouch for this Nancy then okay I guess I trust you and ffery but one can only truly gain my respect if they play with me and fight me

gave 3 good suggestions that I believe would be a better priority and time spent for the interviewer

I have nothing against Nancy but I usually never object to stuff because I hate being a party pooper but I honestly believe precious interview slots can be given to more deserving players

Yeah we appreciate the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Don’t look down on people you don’t know! There are so so many people on the world you’ll never meet that are deserving of respect. In out-of-mafia contexts there have been countless times where I’ve read a nice piece about someone I’ve never heard of and I end up wanting to discover even more about this person or even trying to cold email/find a network connection to them. I expect it to be the same in mafia!

We hope we can present some people you’ve never heard of from forums far far away where you can go “Wow that was cool, now I want to play with them or just talk to them more about their philosophy.”


I would be super excited to read an interview with Varsoon, even though he went pretty in depth into his thoughts in his mod guide on ms.

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Actually I want the Thor Interview. Good player, enjoy playing with him. I am not familiar with Nancy as a player though.

im cool with a varsoon interview as well

I want an interview with transy or mathy!!! They’re the ones i wuv pwaying wif most c:

Hey can I do some interviews? Theres a few players I think I would like to dig into deeper.

Also I enjoy alot of the people who were nommed for this list, but the general atmosphere of the people who I see nommed to me have pretty similar playstyles. I think this is kind of the thing with mafia in that some playstyles are looked at with more respect and admiration than others. Maybe I am wrong and I can take away more from the other players, but I still think there is a hole in play.

Like I would like to see interviews on people like:

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gigabyte would be an interesting new perspective I guess

what about EDDIE CANE

Wait did you say Ginngie…