Heavenly Telepathy (Demonic Mafia Mason Board)

Welcome to the Angel Mason Board! Here is where you can use your heavenly telepathy to communicate with each other freely throughout the day. You are permitted to share role PMs with each other, and you are guaranteed to all be the same alignment. You possess a shared one use bulletproof power–if one of you is shot, it will be used up and the next time one of you is shot you will die. This ability is reflexive, meaning you can’t decline to use it.



I’m a 1-shot vig.

I’m assuming we have a factional kill but I dunno if that was confirmed @Nanook

You do not possess a factional kill.

why didn’t rica get a scum pm?

so what are you guys

one-shot doc

Thoughts on this being a cult game?

I don’t see us being secretly scum because… masons can’t be scum. Neither can a vig. That’s more than ‘slight’ bastardization than the signup thread allowed.

Cults on the other hand aren’t bastard if you can reasonably expect a cult in the game. It’s useful to consider cults bastard because having it be a normal thing where you question alignment changes is exhausting.

Cult doens’t gel with bulletproof. While docs can protect from cult conversions in some game, we’re explicitly bulletproof, so people goin to die.

Could be cult+SK.

There are no alignment conversion mechanics in this game.

It’s probably a good idea to read the doc file if I want to speculate but reading is for nerds

There are guaranteed no third parties in this game. The GM will not lie but things may not be as they appear.

Divine Entities

There are two Divine Entities (DE) in the game. They are not guaranteed town. They may not communicate directly to the thread. They may not be killed. They do not possess a vote. They will be able to influence the game and are not pointless tree stumps, I promise. This is the extent of publicly available information about them prior to the start of the game.

Seems like the two divine entities could be neighbors with two different wincons. I’d theorize that they have near complete game knowledge, or with purposeful omissions made to keep completion of certain objectives competitive. For instance, one DE could have the wincon of our mason group being eliminated. To achieve these objectives they would have some way to interact with the game.

I’m not sure how far I should read into our provided info

but it seems like we’re super important, will find ourselves getting shot at and probably shouldn’t be making any of our role info public, ever

I interpreted as, the game is mostly demons, so the angels are scum etc.

Like I’m archangel michael but have the fake demon role pm.

Skimmed my role pm the first time around

We’re “undercover”, so it seems like the demons are town… and we’re aligned with them…? and there’s some kind of scum around, and they probably have extra reason to want us dead beyond being an angelic mason trio.


are we town or scum.

Or are we only aligned with ourselves?

This is a good question. It’s possible there’s other angels “undercover”.


We’re aligned with one of the Divine Entities.

It seems like we’re definitely not aligned with the demons, unless they’re also undercover.

There aren’t town or scum in this game, just two nameless alignments.

The only people you are guaranteed to be aligned with are each other.

We should play like scum.

We might actually be scum here.

I think our vig kill is meant for the DE that isn’t aligned with us. They might be a singular ‘threat’ to our faction. This could end up being a 50/50 shot at winning or losing which seems dumb?

^ agree with all that

Neither of the Divine Entities can be killed at this stage of the game, including by vig shot. FYI.

k then lol