Gladiator Smalltown Mafia - OVER

Day 2 Begins

Well RIP.

I’ll try and contribute a bit. Sorry for not being around some more - I’ve been so swamped with work. I’ll read now, put a vote down, and wave all of you goodbye.

Also, good to see you all again.

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Can somebody with half a brain reset the vote count please? I don’t know how.

Reset feature broken @Ellibereth

I’m operating on half a brain cell at the moment, I just need to think about the game and then I’ll fix it for you

I speared orangeandblack last night. So either srceen bussed them or i was redirected

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Resets aren’t necessary. Check the edit to your post. The last alive needs to be own lined so.


is NOT valid, but


is valid and sufficient.

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I mean I’ll take it either way lmao

yeah my “doublevoter” status may be suspect but given you have a track record of throwing on me hitting somebody that stands at least a chance of being scum is a definite improvement lmao

Can someone explain why there were 2 scissors at eod?

I thought nanook was the only one with that ability

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VOTE: Nanook

Don’t see why he didn’t die last night

yeah given we misexecuted gellnick idt anybody but srceen coulda saved me

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Scum should always kill the unlimited shot vigi imo

unless he’s wrong


But nanook’s got a pretty good track record

Idt scum would risk it


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Okay I tried thinking but it’s not going so hot, so here’s the gist:

  • I’d like Quin dead asap, I watched srceenplay last night and saw Quin, I don’t think there’s a way to redirect me but not the killer. unfortunately not voteable today but REMEMBER FOR TOMORROW
  • p sure chess has to be town given that scum appears to have cashed in an ability for a scissor and nanook claimed the falcon target iirc, so I’m pretty keen to follow his lead today
  • I think nanook should claim target. plus scum not killing him if he’s town with either the scissor or the NK is really odd, so I’m happy for that execution today so far (though maybe he’s protected by cestus one shot? is that possible)

VOTE: Nanook (but spiritually it’s on Quin)


aka probably somebody low on the drafting order lol


there can’t be that many people that thought it was more worth getting a one-shot vig than their entire role

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Chesskid just gladiates quin imo