Discrete Time Vengeful (Over)


Setup/Rules: 5p Vengeful, Experimenting with discrete time limited posts. (5/5)

PHASE 1.0 WILL END October 12, 2018 7:00 PM (Europe: Paris), October 12, 2018 10:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) OR WHEN ALL POSTS ARE SUBMITTED.

Hi guys!

I think this is going to be the most different aspect of this game format for me, making a post before the game starts. Can’t wait to read what everyone comes up with!

When you vote you could end the day right there if we hit majority, so worth keeping that in mind. So I’m going to be probably much less suspicious of anyone who posts a vote in their first post, because while I’m not that familiar with the playerlist (I’ve only barely played with ffery and bee), I don’t think scum are likely to make such a high risk move early on.

On the other hand we have to coordinate a lynch in seven posts so we’ll need to start sorting that immediately. Thoughts on how early we should be voting, or whether we should try and declare votes in advance?

I am not sure how we can kick start this game so i just intend to pressure whoever someone tells me to until something interesting happens

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.

Ok, that out of the way! I think the first and most important thing is–we have to be really fucking good about coordinating votes if we don’t have a majority by like the 4th posting turn, because at that point every single town player has to agree on a vote or we probably lose (and if we don’t, it’s dumb luck). So first couple posts, make whatever vote you want, yada yada, but if we haven’t reached majority by post 4, post 5 HAS to be devoted to coordination. In fact, I’d probably lobby for coordination to come as early as post 4, but I’m not sure if that removes too much accountability for individual votes in place of “I was just doing what I was told!” or not. At any rate, yeah, I think there’s a very real way we lose this game if we aren’t really coordinated at the end, so we’ve got to keep that in mind. Hopefully won’t be an issue though, and we can just catch the scum in the first couple rounds instead!

Um, that’s about all I’ve got I think, until I can see what others have to say? I think vengeful is otherwise pretty straightforward so not a lot of mechanical thoughts besides “hey guys let’s not lose because we can’t agree on a vote.” Excited to test this out and see how it goes, especially since the simultaneous revealing of posting is reminiscent of my all-time favorite game, Diplomacy, where all moves are done at the same time, so that’s kinda cool. Let’s have some fun, and catch us some scum!

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now to start i just wanna remark on the fact that anyone who partakes in rvs here is probably scum hoping for a quick execution and easy win. i know this because my first vengeful game on this site, i was persecuted for being the mafia godfather, and everyone ganged up and killed me in the first 10 posts of the game. it… it was really traumatizing and i still have nightmares sometimes. and you know by the way the other day this guy told me i have cute nips, and i swear guys, i had a vietname flashback of that one game where everyone just singled me out, so i VERY calmly told that guy that he was mistaken, that my nips were actually below average, and he calls the cops, who tazer me for absolutely no reason! it was so unfair you guys, it’s hard being a white man in today’s society because everyone is looking for a reason to persecute you, and amazon is specifically going to start hiring women now, i can’t believe it! it’s unbelievable!! every day that feminazi justin trudeau cooks up another way to disparage hard working honest men like myself and we just have to sit back and take it, it’s totally unbelieavable.

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Note: The order of the posts was random and will remain in this same player order (with dead players omitted) for the duration of the game.

PHASE 1.1 WILL END October 13, 2018 4:00 PM (Europe: Paris), October 13, 2018 7:00 AM (America: Los Angeles) OR WHEN ALL POSTS ARE SUBMITTED.

Thank gawd there’s data!

  • I like Key’s post chewing on the setup and on the difficulties ahead regarding votes. Being a slow-voter in “normal” games, I found myself more concerned about the possibility of an early and unintended quickhammer when people can’t see the votes until after they’ve cast their own than about the possibility of not getting a vote in at all. I have a townfeel from her post.

I don’t plan to vote in this phase and probably not in the next one. Maybe phase 4.

  • Beeboy’s post appears to speak to a similar concern to mine about how does a townsperson open in a game like this? I tend to be a sponge in games that begin with RVS, and I love getting strong reads during RVS, and there isn’t going to be an RVS here, and I am really not sure how reads-development will go.

  • Nanook takes the concern about not getting a lynch to more of an extreme. That’s at least part personality, I think, but I don’t townread him for it.

  • Urist likes to posture in his game-openers, so his post, though a little over the top, is kinda what I’d expect from him as either alignment. I spent a little time snickering over the possibility that he could draw godfather three times in a row. When he’s been town, I’ve usually figured that out pretty quickly based on his early interactions with other players, despite some lingering paranoia about him from the Look at the Animals game. I don’t have a townread based on that first post.

So, based on the first posts, I’m leaning town on Key and Bee, and feeling a little squinty-eyed about Nanook and Urist.

Final thought: When you put a vote down, talk about who to venge if the lynchee turns out to be town, both to point stuff up that the lynchee might miss, and to give the lynchee more data for figuring you out. If you’re town, you want to be figured out, right?

Oh, that’s super disconcerting having everyone’s posts revealed simultaneously.

Clem looks to be thinking along the same lines as me regarding making sure we get the voting right, which is promising.

Urist’s post was a journey. Looks like the game related bit is that they came to the opposite conclusion as me on RVS. Doesn’t really matter since no one did it, but having that in their first post looks like a way to start an easy push, and I think it would be an easy push on town.
(I was curious too see if it squeezed every bit out of the character limit but the char counting tool I’m using right now says it’s just short of 2000. I kind of appreciate knowing what that looks like on a post)

ffery having nothing to say in her first post but expecting others to be saying something doesn’t really do it for me, in comparison to bee who is more “idk what to do”.

I’m keenest to vote within Urist and ffery right now based on opening posts.

VOTE: Clem

I know that I didn’t slightly help solve this issue but not a lot happened.

Ferry - Nothing
Me - Nothing
Urist - Partaking in RVS is scum + anecdote about previous game
Keychain - Partaking in RVS is town, hitting majority is bad early, let’s coordinate a lynch later though
Clem - Saying what keychain said using many more words. Outside the partaking in RVS is town part.

At an immediate glance just due to the anecdote part of Urist’s post I would say he is town but I am not really basing that on a lot.

Between keychain and clem I would say Clem is more likely to be scum. Clem is kind of only talking about theory while both Keychain and Urist both spoke about how they planned to form reads. I am struggling to form reads I actually like this game but that is what I got so far.

So I guess based on what I’ve read I’d be down to lynch both Clem and Ffery. I also think tracking votes is valuable because if people make posts like I do, “both X and Y are scum” we probably will just end up not lynching anyone.


Alright, so first some reactions, then some general thoughts.

Dislike that there’s no realization here of the inherent struggle in reaching a majority vote in this format. Possibly unfair, but I expect a bit better from Effers.

Literally nobody could vote in their first post, so…this is dumb.

On the other hand, I do like that there’s awareness here of the difficulty in reaching majority, so that’s a plus I guess.

This is literally the stupidest way possible to start this game, so I assume you’re town.

I’m not quoting Urist’s post on principle. I like that he’s against RVS and tend to agree with him there (and at least he seems to understand how the rules work, unlike Key).

Alright, so…not really a lot to go on here. Mild gut read on Beeboy as town, Urist is probably town. So that leaves me with Effers and Key? Not even close to confident in a POE read on Effers based off one post or wanting to push that, but I think Key is a decent place to push. The “anyone voting in the first post is probably town” thing was bad both because it’s dumb, and because (as Urist was getting at) early votes for no apparent reason are scummy. So…I think I feel OK voting there and seeing what happens.


  1. Where is your home forum? I guess you’re used to scum making low-risk plays? I find it interesting that you say scum are unlikely to vote in their first post, instead of just doing it. Tells me you’re not really trying to look town.
  2. I dislike that you ask people how early we should be voting, pretty much for the reason that Nanook details; people might use it as a cop-out instead of just naturally coming to a vote (or not). I also dislike that you ask the question without answering it yourself.


  1. We should be fine if we come up with a scheme for voting before post 6. Like using the horrible single transferable vote system that justin trudeau is always blabbering on about. In other words, everyone ranks the other 4 players in descending order of voteworthiness. Then to decide whom to vote:
  • If someone else picked your choice, vote them.
  • Otherwise, move on to your next choice until you get to someone who already has a vote on them.
A -> D, B, E, C -> votes B because D has him 2nd
B -> E, D, C, A -> votes E because C has him 1st
C -> E, A, B, D -> votes E because B has him 1st
D -> A, B, E, C -> votes B because A has him 2nd
E -> C, D, B, A -> votes B because A & D have him 2nd

With 5 people, this should guarantee a majority on post 6 if we post our lists on post 5. If anyone screws up the system and robs us of a majority on post 6, we lynch them instead on post 7.
That said, people should still feel free to vote before post 6, and anyone who doesn’t vote before then might just be overcautious scum.

I’m waiting to see who attacks ffery and beeboy for not using their first post productively. Anyone who attacks them for that might be scum, since not knowing what to say off the bat isn’t really scummy.
Now, anyone not using their second post properly is a different story. If beeboy actually just sits around waiting for people to tell him whom to vote it isn’t going to end well for him.


Phase 1.1 Votes:

Nanook (1): beeboy
Key (1): Nanook

Didn’t Vote (3): fferyllt, Key, Urist


Keychain: I thought about doing a different sort of opening post, but I am so used to (and happy with) the tabula rasa approach, where I can see what people read into the blank page. It works really well for me in forum mafia, and I ultimately decided to see what I get from it in this game format.

I agree with you about Urist’s first post. I kinda like his 2nd round post.

Beeboy: what do you mean by “tracking votes”? I’m not following how that relates to your next sentence.

Nanook: anybody could vote in their first post. I’m glad that nobody did, though. Re your comment about me, I don’t put everything I think into my posts. Obviously there’s an inherent struggle to coalesce on a lynch, but there’s an equal and opposite concern to not accidentally wind up with a quicklynch. I’m allergic to quicklynches. I kinda think that it could be a townpoint that you’re not harping on that, though, since you kicked up such a fuss about the quicklynches in the Vape game.

Urist Did you not get any scum-sense from the first round of posts?

It’s interesting that 3 players have fosed me but the two who voted put their vote on their other scumread. Not sure what to make of that, aside from a mathematical certainty that at least one of the people fosing me is scum. But, I’ll reiterate that I’d like for votes to be accompanied with thoughts about venge targets.

Bee still looks town to me. Urist looks more town in his second post. So does Nanook. Gonna have to seriatum that shit

Key’s second post feels the most meh of this round.

From most to least town:

Urist’s placement comes with a few footnotes and caveats. Sorry, Urist. I dunno, maybe in a more conversational format I’d get past caution about you. But, the preemptive defense of beeboy and me rankled some, though it’s balanced against being fosed by the rest of the player list.

Anyway, I’m probably voting in Nanook/Key unless something changes in the next round or two. Unfortunately, I’m not sure they make sense as a team.

VOTE: fferyllt

:woman_facepalming: I didn’t read the rules carefully enough, I didn’t realise we couldn’t vote in our first posts.

Not reading the rules is scummy to you? I explained why I thought voting early is a towny thing to do. There must be some reasoning for why you think me thinking it is scummy beyond just disagreeing with the conclusion.

@Urist, I’m from mafiascum. I do generally feel like scum are more conservative about drawing attention to themselves unless I think the particular player is more risky, especially here where voting is independent.

I don’t think discussion about how we organise votes is a bad thing. The risk of scum using is as a copout is so much less than us screwing it up, and I’d rather provide something for discussion in the first post than a whole lot of nothing.
That’s a fair point that I didn’t really answer it myself though. I was kind of pulled between not being a fan of quicklynching, and being conscious of the coordination problems. Now that the game has started, it feels like there’s plenty to get a read on, so I’m not bothered by the prospect of voting too early.

My thoughts on beeboy haven’t really changed, still feeling town. The vote was interesting and follows from his stated intention to pressure early. His reads also seem fairly clear in how they’re formed.

I think I’m most keen to lynch ffery right now. She seems to be happy there’s data, but doesn’t really act on it - the paragraph on bee doesn’t have any sort of conclusion, the next two don’t look to contain much relevant information and end in “non townreads”.

The point on discussing vengekills is good though. ffery if you’re town and get lynched this phase, I think you probably have quality reads of your own to rely on. Mostly I’d say don’t kill beeboy.

@Urist I like your voting plan and I think this is what we should role with.

I was going to make my post in the morning but I kind of just started to talk to my family instead and now I don’t really have time to make a good post.

Me being town read is kinda odd to me? Although in the pregame thinking about how I’d solve a game before I get a role pm probably has a very negative impact on how easy it is to read me.

Ffery - I was expecting more out of her opening post in all honesty
Urist - The keychain questions were kind of weird in all honesty and I didn’t find them overly productive.
Nanook - I actually think this post is a good look, although I tend to town read people who call me bad as a justification for a read because I think I come off as someone who is easy to buddy which is a really flawed reason that I probably just get lucky with using.
Keychain - I am really neutral on this post and am waiting for other posts.

I am honestly back to the drawing board now but I am not sure if thats just because I put very low effort into this phase.

As a side note Elli not counting my vote was robbery.
I am sort of back to the drawing board on what I want to do.


Effers, I don’t fully understand why Key making a wrong analysis of how voting works is good because you like the effort, but me making an accurate analysis of how voting works (that is grounded in reality, mind you, unlike Key’s), gets squinty eyes. Like, according to you, myself and Key are saying similar things (we aren’t, but you seem to think we are)…except I understand the rules and they don’t, and she gets townread while I get sussed? How does that make sense?

I do like the thing about venge shot ideas attached to a vote, that’s something I hadn’t thought of, so props there.

Key, we aren’t really saying the same things–IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO VOTE IN THEIR FIRST POST. Read the rules, they aren’t that long, this just reads as disingenuous to me and possibly a way to fake activity and manufacture town reads.

Beeboy, 1) I’m closer to saying what Urist is than what Key is. 2) I don’t understand where the Effers read comes from at all.

Urist, agreed, I think that makes sense. Post lists in post 5, vote in post 6, lynch deviants in post 7.

Keeping my vote on Key for now. Urist looks towny to me. Effers is looking tentatively better, I think. Bee had a “too dumb to be scum” opening but I don’t love their second post. And Key I think is just wasting time.

I don’t see how you can get a townfeel from Key for his concern over quickhammers and not get the same feel from my concern over the same thing. I also don’t see your reasoning behind the townread on beeboy for his post; how is it easier for scum to open in a game like this?

Your original conclusion was wrong. The fact that we might get an early hammer from RVS is so obvious that nobody missed it, and that’s exactly why it would have been scummy for somebody to vote at that point. Especially if it were one of the players with a lot of mafia experience, it would have just looked like scum trying to take advantage of the situation. So no, it would not have been an easy push on town. You also forget the fact that scum can’t talk this game (to your credit), so if I were scum I’d have no way of knowing whether my partner planned on an RVS vote, so I could have just as easily been setting up an easy push on scum.
I do agree with you on ffery, though.

I don’t get why you voted, assuming you’re as unconfident in your clem read as you appear to be. Would you have been happy with a Clem lynch right then and there? If not, why did you vote? And do you think that he might have not known what to post, and resorted to theory spec instead? I’m also reaaaally leery over the fact that you would be ok with voting for ffery over her lack of content despite the fact that she posted slightly more than you did. Looks like it could be distancing tbh.

Same as beeboy, I have absolutely no idea why you’re voting Key here when it doesn’t look like you’d be ok with a Key lynch at this point. Your reasoning for the vote is not good either, someone having bad reads or misguided reasoning is not an indication of scum.

I’m not sure why people are voting already. Seems like a recipe for disaster to me. beeboy and Nanook get minor scum points for chancing an early lynch despite it already being discussed how easy and bad for us that would be.