Demonic Mafia Town Win!

Welcome to Demonic Mafia, one and all!

Player list:


ErikaFurudo (Angel)
Elwood (Angel)
chesskid (Angelic sided Divine Entity)
Duskfall98 (replaced Tier)
ActionDan (Angel)

Reminder of publicly available information:

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It is currently N0. No powers that may or may not exist can be used N0. D1 will begin at approximately 2019-07-09T01:00:00Z

(D1 will start when the GM gets done with the misery that is work)

Deep in the bowels of hell Georgia, a fiddler wakes from his slumber. He sniffs the air and rubs the rosin pouch attached to his hip slowly. “I hear ya a-comin devil, you must be lookin fer another ass whoopin,” he mutters in low anticipation. But alas, the devil wasn’t come for Johnny nor his fiddle that day. No, he had more pressing affairs to attend to…

Later, in a congregation of demonic nature The devil strode up to his gathered forces, and looked them all square in the eye. “I felt a disturbance earlier. Almost as if…as if some of you aren’t nearly as evil as you make out to be.” The assembled evildoers and ne’er do wells murmur and chuckle nervously. The Lord Of The Darkness rumbles, “THERE ARE GOOD ONES AMONGST US. WE MUST FIND AND SNUFF THEM OUT, OR I WILL HAVE ALL YOUR HEADS.” So saying, the incarnation of sin dissipates in a plume of black sulfuric smoke, leaving his assembled followers in his wake to argue amongst each other and decide who of their company is one of them, and who deserves to die a fiery, sure to be gruesome death.

D1 has begun, it will end by 2019-07-12T01:00:00Z. Hammer votes will be accepted starting 24 hours from now. Andres and Chesskid are both part of this game but neither may speak directly to the thread, they cannot vote nor can they be killed at this point in time. Have at it!

I was here

VOTE: xRosen

bullying the new player vote


anyone have any idea what the fuck the alignments are this game

I am a Grand Duke of Hell and win when all threats to my alignment have been eliminated

i asked if i was town or not and wouldnt be given an answer so im throwing this out there so we can sort shit to either my benefit or my downfall owell

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same I’m magical mister Mephistopheles, dunno if i was town or 3rd

I think I’m satan.
I’m sure we are aligned

I wanted meph

VOTE: ActionDan

Aw I’m sorry,

Here you can have a discounted one

VOTE: Elwood

I’m new too damnit

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that the “good” characters take the roll of scum while the “evil” characters act as town for this. Also it doesn’t matter, kill Not Your Teammates.

And general rule of thumb for Clem games is that mass reveals end up being town positive. So should we talk about when we want to think about doing that?

I like how you say this when currently there are two people that can’t say or reveal jack