DBZ Mafia Game Thread (Town Win)

Hello here is d1 deadline: 2020-06-01T23:00:00Z2020-06-04T23:00:00Z

Phases are 72/24, hammer exists all day phases. Rules are obvious please don’t be dumb, although some of you will probably find that difficult.

You can start playing whenever hopefully people confirm at some point otherwise that would be a sad thing, if I forgot something call me out I probably did its 4am.

EDIT: Mafia would have some form of knowledge of what a town role pm would look like

Goku is charging up a spirit bomb, all players can now send energy to one target at night. The effect of this is intentionally vague.

Not Voting (13): Andresvmb, chesskid3, DoggoPlays, DS, GTacc, JakeTheWolfie, Kiymali_Pide, M2H, Nanook, purpleshifted, Srceenplay, StarV, tn5421


For a brief minute, I was a god.

Now I’m sadly mortal.

Andres are u gonna tk me again if I don’t participate

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Yes please that was funny

VOTE: Nanook

1 down 2 to go

Doggo what does your sig say? I can’t read it past “are why”

ACAB, BLM, black trans women are why we have pride month :rainbow_flag::


I am here and prepared to throw another game.

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Anyways now that we’re playing the place to start is clearly VOTE: M2

i thought i told you we weren’t bussing in scum chat


VOTE: Nanook

Last time we were scum together with elli and star we said no bussing then immediately all bussed you lolol

That was funny for me

also I might have actually done something that game if elli hadn’t inadvertenly voted me and caused me to implode but i digress

thats all in the past, now im trying to find new ways to gamethrow

I’m voting you now so feel free to implode at your leisure