DBZ Mafia Game Thread (Town Win)

Did I ask for your permission discount elli?

Please I’m chess with better PR

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which is why you’re flailing by post 20 i suppose

I don’t flail, I flap my arms wildly with style

Why is it better

alright fly away chickadee

People like me


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m2h, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much are you gamethrowing this game?

4 nice light moderate gamethrowing

nanook lolcatting at post 31 do my eyes deceive me :C

describe your gamethrowing strategy in a way so that a dumb doggo can understand and not hate it

Yes I’m sure we’re all very surprised that nanook is trolling, he’s known for being a Very Serious Mafia Player

im going to constantly infer that im scum even when im not and also be relatively low effort unless i need to not be.

Ok, serious question guys:

Does allowing your cats to cuddle you during sex increase or decrease your enjoyment of the activity?

um how do you have sex without your cat cuddling you


is that like a trick question or something?