Content Suggestions and Discussion


You can find some of our planned content releases here.

We’d love your feedback and suggestions for mafia article topics, interviewees, and other content that you would like to read, and what media beyond forum articles you would like to see in use here. For instance, podcasts, youtube videos, playlists, etc.

As an example, would you be interested in listening to/watching an occasional group discussion of recent games, mafia theory or other topics? If we did something like that, what would be the best medium for it?

Suggest away!


I’d be really excited to see a “podcast” with Elli discussing stuff cos elli is a really cool dude and him discussing any kind of stuff is just really nice and cool and funny sometimes too

I am interested in pretty much all you just listed. I really like talking and listening to mafia theory. ‘Mafia Theory Topic of the Day’ sounds nice. I also think talking about recent games is good. That way we can all learn and reflect from the games we play here, and improve onward. Sometimes I feel games aren’t talked about enough, and then it helps us stagnate with our play. Many times in the past I’ve asked for feedback and I’ve got none, and I was eager to improve. This goes into my belief with competitions in general, I think it’s healthy if we defeat our own saltiness and become humble enough to accept criticism of our own play.

I’m not sure what the best medium be for that. Possibly Youtube or Twitch.

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I’d love to join in discussions but my time zone is whack but I can make special arrangements if I’m specially invited/I’m a guest I guess

(Referring to live podcast discussions, chat /text is way easier and can be done at any time)

You’ll likely be getting too much of my opinion on stuff soon with my article series that’s coming up and ffery’s interview. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think regardless of what medium we choose there could be a better sense of “audience participation” in terms of getting reader/listener questiosn answered. That’ll obviously be easy with something live. For now, we’ll keep the Coming Soon list fairly well updated and people can post any potential questions they want asked to someone or specific topics they want to read about here (or message the former to @fferyllt and the latter to me).

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I’d be super into a podcast! I probably wouldn’t sit down somewhere with wifi to watch a video even if I like the idea in theory.
In particular, I’d love a podcast that discusses recent games. As well as what Ranmaru said regarding improvement, it also seems like a community strengthening kind of topic.

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i always thought that someone making a video over the course of a game describing their strategy and what they were doing as the game went on would be interesting.

A regular podcast featuring a selection of guests would actually be pretty awesome.

We’ll try to get a podcast settup. The one tricky thing there is still to make it a complete experience even with a lack of visuals. Obviously we can provide accompaniying images and links but idealy it’s a good experience for someone just listening too.

In the interim - is there interest in listening to the audio version of an interview on top of the transcript, or would you guys just read the transcript. The ones published so far have been through chat but at least one coming up (mine) was done through voice.
The sound may be a little stodgy though haha, we’ll see. We probably need to get some better equipment for the podcast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it important for this to be live?

Live in the sense of live steamed or live like with a voiceover? I don’t see how the first would work, and not necessarily for the second.

There are a few ways to present this:

  • Someone records themselves every so often while a game is still going on, and they record whatever they want to talk about. Presented after some editing as one thing after game is over.

  • Someone records themselves postgame in a game they played analyzing what they think happened.

  • A panel (idealy with a moderator) of people discuss what happened in a game that most of them have played in.

  • A panel or someone alone read through a game thread that they don’t know the result/flips of and talk about it together.

I already mentioned this earlier, but the trickiest part for all of these is how to present the visuals. Have it be on the screen? Have it be provided as links for the listener to follow along? I think a decent amount of people will have a similar sentiment to @Key where they want it to primarily just be an audio experience. Should these just be two separate products? I’ve been thinking about how to present a game with purely audio and there’s a lot of room for experimentation there.

We’ve only started thinking about this stuff so any suggestions or ideas for the format/presentation/stuff to talk about it, however crazy, are all welcome! We’re very likely going to just try out a bunch of stuff to see what works.

Visual: Just watching their screen as they scroll through posts of the game. Doesn’t have to be that flashy. Otherwise I am good with just audio.

it was something i had imagined before this, outside of the podcast thing. i guess they could be combined as one, although i was just more speaking in general of something that i think would be interesting to see rather than a specific suggestion about the podcast.

the first bullet point you have there is really what i was thinking of.

These 3 formats would be really exciting in my opinion

As for presentation well we aren’t professionals but we can take a lesson from DJs, radios, audiobooks and those soccer commentators. They can do 100% audio and harder commentaries on a live game, so can we!

The first two would honestly be better and easier done in writing over voice

The first one would be worth a medium other than text I reckon. It’s a different feeling.

This was what I was thinking, but

this one sounds like it could be really interesting as well just because there’s more to it than “just talk” - there’s more drive to it.

Yup, interest!

Ah I gotcha.

Yeah we’ll likely experiment with a bunch of stand alone things first before moving to a full-fledged podcast. When we get better at presenting audio and visual things there are a lot of other exciting things we can do like a jeopardy-ish gameshow or trivia contest etc.etc.

We’ll start with the audio version of my interview with ffery. If it turns out the audio isn’t too disastruous and my voice isn’t too jarring we’ll try a few other simple things that require minimal editing. Post-game analysis and the like sound simple enough.

i don’t know if i can handle hearing people’s voices. it’s always super jarring to me realizing that the book characters that i play mafia with are actually people.