Completely Unoriginal Mafia (9/9 signups)

  • 96 hour day period (4 days)
  • 120 hour day period (5 days)

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Completely Unoriginal Mafia

Hosted by tn5421, designed by [anonymous] with tweaks by tn5421

Players (9/9):
@morph (@fferyllt and cabd hydra)

Setup Specific: 5 day days, 2 day nights. 7 town-aligned, 2 mafia-aligned, and the rest is secret, at least for now… shh … but I’ve heard there’s a special mechanic at play. Don’t tell anyone :heart:

/maybe in.

depends on what’s going on in life when it starts

Gonna take that as an /in and deal if you’re not able to play, sound fair?

Sounds good. I’ll /out if it looks like I’m overcommitted before the game fills




It’s good to have you guys.

can I commit original sin in this game or only unoriginal

If you can finagle an original sin to resemble something that has been done before, then go for it, otherwise unoriginal only.

I’ll take the same deal as ffery. :smiley:

Would prefer 4 day days if possible.

You’re more than welcome to get people to lynch before deadline, or getting the majority of the players here to agree to a 4 day deadline.

Make it a solid in on our hydra (fferyllt and cabd)

We’re ok with either game day length.

I added a poll.


Now entertain me tn5421

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Somebody hammer

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