Bird Flavoured Mafia


love you gtacc

GG also that was tense AF

Good job guys

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release the chat

and the rolelist

Good job Gtacc!

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Gtacc was 1 shot bp, Nanook was tracker, everyone else was vanilla.

Thanks, also mislynching Andres on his birthday would be too sad :sweat_smile: I’m glad he was mafia

You almost lynched Elli on his birthday as well, but I think you were a bit early


I wouldn’t mind feedback on how I could scumhunt better, but I also feel like the end of day 3 ended too quickly for me to have the chance to actually re-ignite the scum hunt (of course me voting early didn’t particularly help but bleh).

There were definitely times when I thought andres was town, but him just trying to be nice pinged me a bit, but then everyone else was being pretty scummy to me.

After I specifically asked people to stop being so scummy, grandpa was the only one who I felt answered my call. But then he died and I was left clueless on day 3 again. So what do you guys do as town when you have a playerlist where you can’t particularly trust anyone?


feeling like you can’t trust anyone is a pretty terrible spot to be, so I’d maybe start by trying to find someone to work with or some townread to start with? People aren’t always being “scummy” and need to do that less, sometimes they’re just being themselves

@GTacc is it just me or were you trying to get shot

Yeah but now I realize it would make the final harder

It almost worked, Andres switched his kill from doggo to you back to doggo

I’m just glad that we didn’t lynch Seth over Elli even though he was trying to have that happen at points lol

Elli and chess and anyone that have been in NY, how correct was my day in NY

Was pidgeon an actual tell?

@Andresvmb ?