Bird Flavoured Mafia

Welcome to Bird Flavoured Mafia :bird: 9 players, closed setup. You didn’t know you signed up for birds, but you did. Some of them might be party parrots.

Please note this is a friendly game: Friendly Game Tag
Also note site rules on excessive AtE: On excessive AtE

This game follows site norms: Days are 72 hours or thereabouts. Lynch is by plurality at end of day, a majority can end day early with a hammer. Scum decide ties.

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Please confirm you’ve got and understand your role PMs, then we can start.


There are two mafia in this game. In pregame they each independently wrote and submitted to me the following messages about their favourite bird to be made public:

The pidgeon is a wonderful creature. Yes, it’s disgusting. But it’s also delicious. Have you tried it? You should.

The bald eagle. AMERICA.

Day starts now and ends in 72 hours. Have fun! :illuminatiparrot:

Not Voting (9): Ellibereth, chesskid3, Andresvmb, GTacc, Nanook, DoggoPlays, Seththeking, Grandpa, JakeTheWolfie

I mean I am clearly not mafia by those responses

Also forum logo tho :rofl:

Gtacc lock town but sadly I’m gonna have to mafia side since they claimed AMERICA

I am clearly not mafia since I know how to spell pigeon.

My guess is that the person who spelled pigeon as pidgeon is someone who’s played too much Pokemon (pidgey)

VOTE: Andresvmb


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So then you, I gather?

English is not my first language so I suspect that whoever introduced that misspelling did so to turn the attention away from native speakers. That Pokémon theory also probably holds some water.

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I didn’t know how to spell pidgeon but I wouldnt be able to write rest of the sentence

When did the logo change btw?

@Ellibereth @chesskid3

VOTE: seth

I have a feeling it’s more of just a legit typo then anything nefarious

Yeah fuck this guy!
VOTE: seth

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