Beginner Friendly Game Environment

Talking about toxic playstyles that work.

Going to have a tag for beginner friendly games soon in preparation for people who never played mafia before coming after the db/kb stuff is done.

I don’t think the choice of setup matters at all for someone totally new (e.g. someone’s first game can have crazy roles who cares) - but the atmosphere does.

I feel like there are some behaviors that are legit in a “normal” game that we’d want to encourage and discourage yeah? Not sure exactly what they are. I think intentional apathy and some class of breakdown maybe (like DS and Clem in almost normal). Basically there’s stuff players who have played more do that isn’t ideal in someone’s first exposure. Agree/Disagree/Suggestions?

This should be in its own topic I’ll split it.

fwiw i go out of my way to be nice to newbies always


maybe “be nice, be patient, and don’t play toxic” is sufficient

What is this

Also can I play beginner games?

anyone can play as long as they agree to be friendly, be patient, and not to be toxic.

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Oh yeah non toxic games

don’t expect the market for that to be here for 2 months or so

db/kb = database/knowledge base, we’re building something that’ll be a better version of mafiascum’s wiki that we’re hoping will attract traffic :slight_smile:

i dont think the majority of games on this site are toxic


I agree.
Just need to make it super clear for stuff we label beginner friendly I think.

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put a baby emoji in the title :baby_bottle: :baby:

i like that actually lmao


will people think thats condescending lmao

the non toxic games should also ban words like retard and cunt i think, because those offend a fair chunk of the mafia playerbase.

i think you need to ban offensive phrases as well like MUron

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In Filipino cuisine, moron, also spelled morón or muron is a rice cake similar to suman. It is a native delicacy in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines particularly at the city of Tacloban in the province of Leyte and at the province of Eastern Samar.

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but have you ever had balut tho

if someone called me balut in a mafia game i would be lowkey offended

cultures foods being used as offensive terms is a thing in chinese lul

I think it’s less particular words in that the atmosphere should generally be encouraging? Hearing that your ideas are bad/stupid in whatever word choice doesn’t lend itself well to most ppl trying again.

I think more offensive words used humorously would probably drive away way less people.

when games become not about the reads or the thought processes and personal is when a line needs to be drawn