What's your favorite setup? Tell us and we'll run it.

If open/semi-open, what’s the setup?
If closed - what sort of conditions?
Any non-setup restrictions or wants?

After we figure out what you want, we’ll put your game into signups.

What’s that one where the jester has until day 3 to get lynched

I liked all the 13p normals

I’ll get both up once I figure out how to organize the category,

I like 15-30 player games


16 players. 4 teams for 4. 1 spy from each team shuffled into a different teams forum. Paranoia.

Is this a real thing? Can you link to it being run somewhere before.
does it work with 3x3?

I did it on glbuk, then deleted it and quit. I think it was with teams of 3 but like 5 of them.

Ask @DS about it. It doesnt work that well cause people realize and dont use the private forum so it wasnt as good

I just ran a 3x3x3x3x3 with no spies and I really like that. People had to figure out teams and shit. Was good formula thag I fucked up by putting on 5 day vigs and 5 rezzers.

Yeah that’s kinda like my Color Gang setup

I tried to put my own spin on it since I knew you ran something similar (but I never played it) so I had everyone select items and drop them to the teams when they died. It was pretty cool. I wish I had added more items to let people deduce teams in, but I didnt.

X man

Can we get a mountainous please


I’d like to play the game I played with chesskid last year, its like something called lyncpin 4p (mafia picks someone and if they get lynched, mafia loses)

We played a game?

Yes I was mafia

Redflavor I am