Popcorn Mafia 11/11p (Josh)


7 Town
4 Mafia

Before the game starts, mafia must elect a townie to be the gunbearer. That player has until deadline runs out to shoot another player. If the gunbearer hits scum, they keep the gun. If the gunbearer hits town, the gunbearer dies and the targeted townie becomes the new gunbearer.

If the gunbearer does not shoot by deadline, they die and the mafia pick a new gunbearer.

The gunbearer is always announced and confirmed as innocent.

This game is nightless.

72 hour deadlines



Well, it only relies on one person, so any length deadlines would work. I’ve played it once with 72h deadlines.






I’ll play too. :slight_smile:

/In to shoot first, die later

I’ll advertise this tmrw so we can pewpewpew soon.


I haz time now

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1 more :slight_smile:


/in if i get to be the gunbear

ughhh do I have to actually do this now

not if you don’t want to

I’m just messing, I’m sure someone’s gonna shoot me early anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Key you’re modding this one yeah?

dw I’ll make sure to shoot Elli before I shoot you if I get a gun

The name of this game is shoot elli so he can gun down all the scum