What Site Theme do you use/prefer?

  • LIGHT theme
  • DARK theme

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CSS/site design changes between the themes won’t be synchronized so it’d be nice to know who’s on which one when evaluating feedback.

I"m using the light theme right now, but I prefer the dark theme.

default, I never change skins.
But I do like the clean white look of the default.

I like light in the daytime and dark at night, just like reality. Were I to go fantasy theme I’d probably go LOTR or supralapsarian.

And does anyone else find it providential that the ones voting light have light highlighted posts and the ones voting dark have dark highlighted posts? This Elli the Ellibereth is simply AMAZING.


Made some minor color/size/placement adjustments to the dark theme. Better? Worse? Can’t tell?

For people on the default light skin, here’s an alternate color scheme (that may be familiar to some of you as the “silver” skin from another site :P)

better or worse?

I’m open to messing with any set of colors and seeing how they look, so any suggestions are welcome - I don’t have the best eye for this sort of thing.

Wait there’s a dark skin

Preferences -> Interface

I’ve been using the light theme for too long, I guess. Not noticing changes, but probably would if I’d been using the dark theme all along.

I would fix the Mafia451 icon or whatever or improve or whatever if my computer wasn’t literally dieing because that looks terrible with black and I do not want to touch black until thats fixed.

The icon is a stand-in for whatever we come up with in the future.

Something with flames a la farenheit 451 is our current idea.

We should probably get something shitty in the semi-near future.

Here’s another possible color scheme, colors courtesy of a dear friend who’ll hopefully be joining us soon:

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SEPIA no! :slight_smile:

^ I like this

Elli I really liked your site design.

Until you posted that abomination.

Haha both screenshots?

You don’t need to worry - in the near future we just want to have a finalized “default” light and dark skin - the fancier things can wait.

Do people like the current gray/white light theme stripe choice? Is it too muted? I thought about trying a light peach color - a few papers I found said that it was one of the most readable background colors.

(Also mobile implementation will happen for each after we’re generally satisfied with the desktop versions).

It turns out I’m a silly goose and peach basically is like that sepia/caramel brownish theme that i think GIF hates haha.

Might just make 3 options if it’s not too much work…

you can enjoy your achromatic white bread forum all you want

white beard wut?