What Site Theme do you use/prefer?

I mean I welcome all dark site skins.
That one isn’t as worked as the default one right now.

Bumping this - we’ll add on some themes if there’s demand. What color palette(s) would you prefer?

  • Brownish
  • Grayish
  • Blueish
  • Pinkish
  • I’m happy with Light.
  • I’m happy with Dark.

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browns and greens might not be too bad?

What about a theme that says “good job” audibly every time you press reply.


i liked that material theme.

aaah were you on it?

We were looking at some data last night and it looked like noone was using.

i’m relatively ambivalent when it comes to the colors (i prefer a dark background, although i do kind of like the bright orange), but i definitely like the separated posts look.

(and the discourse classic is a bit too boxy for my tastes)

I would use a dark version of the Material Theme. As it is the regular one pierces the heavens with it’s holy light.