What parts of the interface do you not use?

Hey, we’re revamping the look of the site and I want to get a sense of which parts of the interface may be unnecessary, so if you could take a look at the site and let me know which buttons/links you just don’t use it would be great. Will also be helpful if when you see other people’s posts here you indicate whether you also don’t use it/you rarely use it/you use it/etc.


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will edit when it comes to my mind

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I rarely if ever use bookmarks

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I use share post to link to posts, but the social media links are useless.

On mobile, the wrench next to the button that shows which post you’re on.

On desktop, the thing that comes up when you press #.

I right click number of post to copy post link

I tried using my middle finger to tap it but it did the same thing, help

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I dont use the Ellibereth feature

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I rarely use the vote tag buttons. I opt to type them out.

I do use them actually.

Social media? What is that?

It’s like email for millennials

You don’t actually think I’m so old that I don’t know like Facebook now do you?

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I am almost certain I am considered a millennial.

I think you’re old enough to still use facebook

Though I usually act like a crabby 80 year old.


Yeah this is true actually hahaha

I never understood Snapchat for example. Just always seemed like the dumbest one.


It’s fascinating to me that Snapchat is a public Company.

How do you make money out of filters and fading pictures? I just don’t get it.

Ads are ridiculously profitable