Welcome to Nightvale Mafia

A friendly desert community, where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful and mysterious lights pass overhead as we all pretend to sleep.

Welcome to Nightvale.

Hello listeners, have you heard the new development? Nightvale is hosting it’s first ever real life Mafia event. It would seem that our community has grown overpopulated, and the city council has determined that the best and most appropriate way to resolve this problem is through a game, intended for all ages in which we will slowly widdle down the population one by one, that is, until we return to a manageable populous.

Though, it is unclear what the city council deems to be a manageable population. I am not one to theorize listeners, but I would bet that this is another one of those anual practical jokes from our bitter rivals at Desert Bluffs. However, it would be a step down from the great manhole of last year, if it is in fact another ruse, I will be the first to say, I am… Disapointed. We cannot grow too complacent with our rivals after all.

In other news, the prized dog of our dear community has won the first iteration of the local school board’s spelling bee. No sooner than the spelling of the final word did he burst into flames. In light of this most recent event, it was also announced to be our school board’s last spelling bee. It is suspected that some form of foreign government is behind it all, after all… Our dear Poochimon was touched by an angel. Oh, how we miss his glowing sense of humor already.

The city council reminds you that books are dangerous and that they should not be used. It is best to put them in a sealed coffin, and store them deep underground.

We sent our intern, Josephine to report on the case, maybe the city council would be able to provide us with more information about the sudden combustion, could this new found use for books be used as a means of war? Stay tuned listeners, we have not heard back from our intern yet, it has only been a couple days after all… We will bring you up to date on all of the details as soon as dear Josephine returns.

And now… The weather.

Press the button /in to /in, you will be sent your role PM the moment you /in. Discussion is allowed as normal in the main thread up until the start of the game.

This will be a role heavy multi-ball game. Non-Bastard. Hoping to get a large turnout.

Can we play in the signup thread since we have our roles

Yes. But voting and victory conditions can only be achieved once the game has started.

why havent I gotten my role yet?

also can I out and then re-in if I dont like my role?

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No, you cannot.

Dear listeners, I am proud to announce that all roles and objectives have been handed out for the current player list. We are so grateful here at the station to have your support and understanding that it can be somewhat time consuming to create such marvels and we thank you dearly for your patience on the matter.

As a friendly reminder from the station, make sure to bring plenty of orange slices when you go out to play and drink plain old water… Gatorade is basically soda, and should not be consumed… Under any circumstances.

I like gatorade

i drink gatorade all of the time

also this is a bastard game because I still havent gotten my role

Just cause ur a bastard doesnt make it a bastard game

@Players , We at the station are very excited to see you participating in large numbers. Maybe 15 or so would be good. We will of course wait till the ongoing game of webcomic Mafia is over, or very near so… Before beginning.

I will only in if it’s gonna start after 15th

Dear listener, this will almost certainly be the case. However, if you wait, you may miss out on our early bird offers. Guaranteed to increase excitement and overall enjoyment of the great purge.

yo gtacc you wanna hydra for this

Ok sounds good to me

Booty booty yeah

Also sounds good to me

It would you pervert