Welcome to 451's Forum Mafia Academy


The 451 academy is here to help you get better at Mafia! Right now all the material is run and being provided by one person (me, Ellibereth), but that may change in the future. I only started doing this recently so many things about it may change as I learn how to do this better.

This post will quickly summarize our offerings and I’ll edit it and post an update whenever they change.

Public Material

Read Accuracy Videos

I’m recording a series of videos that focus on improving read accuracy that also will very likely touch on other topics along the way. I haven’t decided on how many videos there will be or the exact topics covered but things we’ll definitely cover include evaluating your accuracy, evaluating how strong a tell is, how to make effective player and tell files, how to do research on potential tells. The tentative plan is to release one every other week…

Game/Player Analysis Videos - Great Players of the Past

I’m recording videos that will go over games. Forum Mafia’s short history isn’t very well recorded and most modern players don’t know much about the players from the past. In an attempt to change this the focus of these videos will be games played by the great players of the early-mid 2000’s. I’m still not fully decided on the format for the videos themselves and they’ll likely change based on feedback. Also tentatively planning to release one every other week.

Training Exercises

If a training example was well received by the private group I’ll share it publicly. See the relevant section in the private group section for more details on what these are.

Annotated Games

I will very likely write some annotations for 1 or 2 interesting games each time we release a TWIM that will refer to things we touch on here.

Private Group

1 on 1 work

There will be a private section for people who are working with me directly in some capacity. I do want to keep the size of this controlled until I have a better grasp for what works, what doesn’t work, and how I can effectively help larger groups. If you want to work 1 on 1 with me on read accuracy please check out this topic.

Training Exercises

I’ll isolate short snippets from various games that I think have some instructive value. The current plan for how we’ll do this in a group setting is everyone has some time to read the segment over and send me their thoughts and then I’ll open the floor to everyone in the private training group to discuss and maybe try to convince each other. I’ll update this post with a public example once it’s up.

Reads/Player/File Workshops

We’ll choose a particular player or a particular tell or some concept and work together on researching it and making a nice reference about it.

Miscellaneous Questions

What about Mafia-alignment stuff.

I’m still figuring it out! Right now almost everything we provide will be from the Town perspective.

How do I get in touch with you?

Message me here (on 451) or on discord at Ellibereth#1113.