The Week in Mafia (Weekly Mafia Game Download Pack), Coming Soon

  • Download a file every week that gives you all the games that completed over the last week on major mafia sites.

  • Run a script that comes with and it creates/updates a folder full of markdown files that you can view on an editor of your choice (I’m using Obsidian, it’s nice). Player pages will be automatically generated.

  • Some games will come with annotations from me. Files are on your computer, you can annotate game and player pages.

Let me know if this something you’d use! Suggestions/Questions/Comments all welcome. First release coming soon.


Love this! Where can I download the Markdown files??

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This is a “coming soon” announcement to gauge interest and see if we’re missing anything. Also need to figure out the full list of sites we’ll be including.

First release will probably be in couple weeks. We’re still working out the details but the download files you get from us will likely be yaml files that’ll be converted into markdown files by the accompanying script.

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This is really cool, I would use it!

next level

Will this include Forum of Lies? I’d be interested in something for that site.



Was likely to include anyway and requests from people I’m working with will likely take some priority…so yes.

Will probably need liaisons on a few sites to help get me a weekly shortlist but I’ll be reaching out for those separately.

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Sounds great. :slight_smile: I’ve recently been helping FoL with maintaining a game history list, so I could probably be liaison for them.

List of Completed FM Games - 2021 - Forum Matches / Completed - Forum of Lies | Throne of Lies | by Imperium42

How much is this service going to cost? $1k per annum?