Webcomic Mafia 2, Upickaroo

Game 1 here

You know the drill, you pick a character from a webcomic, I create a custom role just for you.

Now some people last time had trouble figuring out the difference between a webcomic and a regular comic.

So I found this random reddit thread which might help.

Game won’t be peer reviewed.


This is what the people want

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We have kiddos on the site now dan, probably have to censor the NSFW pics or put them between spoilers a bit more than last time,

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Though to be fair my character was by far the largest offender xD


But what about my artistic license!

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Let’s take it to the surpreme court

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Where/what do you read

I usually read stuff on tapas.io or webtoons, but there are more sites.



And of course many have their own sites like this one that I adore.

dan you know what my site my entry is coming from this time too LOL

uh oh!

Funny, only time Elli wants to play mafia is when he thinks it will be appropriate to post inappropriate things. But then tells AD to spoiler things because they are inappropriate.


look I run a site and I’m me at the same time.
shoot me

Post all the nudes dan



oh shit look at that playerlist

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Time to join @dunya

yes bully him

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Don’t start before Monday pls