Voice Recording Mafia - Interest?

Idea is you use your phone/comp to record yourself talking and you upload it to the forum in lieu of writing a post. Probably still type out votes.

I can figure out the specifics for how to make that as easy as possible player-side if there’s interest in testing.

If someone has seen this tested somewhere before lemme know.

Post if you’re interested/let me know about potential reservations you have.

@Mantis has played this concept before, I think she enjoyed it. She probably has a link somewhere.

I’m assuming it would be a one-per-day format.
My interest would be directly proportional to how hassle-free recording and listening is.

Im interested

We all just play in an iMessage group chat

Maybe interested

What if my mic breaks at some point? (Last Sunday) and I am unable to replace it by deadline?

Idk I will use my phone anyways

What if a player has a broken accent that no one can understand anything they say

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Top notch scum tactic


i think you have to replace out

@Ellibereth Look up “Listen Up! Mafia” on mafiascum.

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Maximally hassle-free is we add a recording button into the editor here and you can just record/upload with that but it’ll take a bit of work.

Would, use voice recorder on phone, upload file onto here be too much already?

Biggest concern there is file size stuff though.

Next level would be [use recording app that generates mp3 link that oneboxes here] but have to do some research for that.

That would be fine for me, but file management is a bit confusing on Android and it isn’t immediately clear where stuff is saved, it might be a problem for others. Possibly just posting a tutorial would help?

so with the youtube app this is actually really easy to do with video but can’t find something equivalently easy for only audio yet >.>

maybe if people don’t want to show face they just switch phone to recording whatever’s in front of the instead loolol.

open youtube -> record -> enter title -> upload -> copy link -> post here

is the workflow I think?

some 1 time stuff like making channel/setting default to unlisted.

Yeah seems fine to me. You’d all get to see my fish or smthg

YouTube mobile uploader suckkkkkkkkssssss

From experience

wait what sucks about. i tried earlier and seemed fine.

Video costs a fortune in mobile data compared to audio. For me at least, idk if that affects people in different areas (who might only want to watch on wifi/have unlimited or cheap data/etc)

maybe hosting audio files externally?

https://clyp.it/ : haven’t tried it - free version is limited to 360 minutes and requires account, but you can record directly to the website

https://vocaroo.com/ : recordings are saved for an unknown amount of time, they say potentially a few months, recording onsite doesn’t seem to be available on my phone due to unsupported plugin so it might just go back to “where tf does my phone save my recordings”

I just picked the top two google results so other people might know of better-suited options.