Vengeful Tournament G6

Mafia team selected by @NotMafia and @Nanook (3)

StarV (4)
chesskid3 (2)
GTacc (2)
M2H (2)
Andresvmb (2)

StarV: Town, Vengeful
chesskid3: Mafia, Godfather (Vengeful)
GTacc: Town, Vengeful
M2H: Mafia, Goon
Andresvmb: Town, Vengeful
NotMafia: Mafia, Drafter
Nanook: Mafia, Drafter



I didn’t move but I feel like I am getting closer to north korea

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Okay so there’s two external forces at play this game

But I think one matters more than the other?

VOTE: Andresvmb

VOTE: Chesskid3

StarV is virtually always Town, or the Godfather but I’m going to guess that StarV is Town.

If I had to guess on choices, I’m going to say that the Scum Team is Chess/M2H. Purely based on points.

And the fact that Nanook would want Chess to emerge from the ashes of the bottom.

So StarV is probably never Scum, I know my own alignment, and M2H/GTacc is actually a 50/50 since I can’t figure out GTacc ever but maybe M2H helps out here.


This is too soon.

Also, you’ve seen me bungle a shot already - why would you want me as Town to shoot unless you had some certainty that I was Scum?

There’s no way that you think that some “external” force is really at play here when we all have 2 points.

There are 2 very clear external forces in this game

  1. Nanook + Not Mafia v Urist
  2. Chesskid + UFO vs Andres

o and Star

I would claim with my team if I was mafia.

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Ah yes this would be the winning play. That’s correct.

No this doesn’t make sense. Once we’re all tied at 2, Nanook and NotMafia will pick whatever Team they think will get them a point to tie for victory. They don’t care about much else, because otherwise they just tie for second with other people.

Am I Nanook