Vengeful Tournament G6


its baffling to me you don’t get this yet

What is baffling to me is that you think I’m Scum this game and making it a 1v1 against me.

The important sort here is M2H/GTacc. I’m not voting until those two have had time to post, and we can collectively decide what to do.

I don’t know if that is important to sort, it only is if we hit goon, which is 1/3 yeah?

@StarV read this post again

I mean, I think it’s a bad point… It pretty much says Nanook cares more about you than himself. Which I doubt.

What’s the point of trying for me tbh

I mean I kinda want starv to win so maybe I should try a bit but meh

Is it not a perspective slip

Are all non 1st places losers?

If you ain’t first your last


I am goon andres is gf

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VOTE: NotMafia

Lol :thinking:

I don’t know. I think the bigger perspective slip is that he thinks the unvote matters when you’re still voting him.

I’m good for killing Andres -> GTacc -> Chesskid

Aww love you too boo

@Andresvmb @chesskid3 @GTacc all good with this order of business?

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