Vengeful Tournament G4

Hey all.

My suspicions have been confirmed

@Ellibereth isn’t the tournament format somewhat broken?

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And those suspicions are?

Shh, i need to find the godfather.

At least we can’t lose D1 right? I think we just dissociate and LOLHAMMER notmafia when he self votes?

Wrong thread, please ignore :kappa:

VOTE: NotMafia


I think we’re thinking the same thing yeah?

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I’m finally fucking town omg

UFO and chesskid I love you for underestimating me

Andres how is the weather up in the scum chat

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He disappeared the moment I scum slipped :kappa:

I don’t really understand why that situation would be uncomfortable if he was town.

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But to real matters, Andres doesn’t matter because Chesskid had to pick him as the goon. Everyone understands how this works with the broken tournament format right?

I didn’t disappear what. I am actually working.


Who were you meaning to disassociate from? Just tell us you’re already outted.

i imagine andres is under a lot of stress and anxiety here as either alignment here, probably a mix of anger bargaining and depression just as a default state here so i get where you are coming from but perhaps town!andres could just be a bit pessimistic about engaging with the thread in general.

you are working but showed up the second you were called out :c