Vengeful Tournament G4


Who were you meaning to disassociate from? Just tell us you’re already outted.

i imagine andres is under a lot of stress and anxiety here as either alignment here, probably a mix of anger bargaining and depression just as a default state here so i get where you are coming from but perhaps town!andres could just be a bit pessimistic about engaging with the thread in general.

you are working but showed up the second you were called out :c

I was far more pessimistic last game. I’m not feeling so bad. I started looking through some old games and I did quickly realize that I’m not as bad as I was feeling.

There’s another game going on that closed right around now.


You’re just trying to save your own self. Why would we not TK the obviously outted Scum here?

i dont get why everybody just accepted that as the only option last game or this game really. if anything it might be more likely this game yeah. last game I could have picked whoever I want and picking people with 1’s would just provide a safer outcome in the case of me losing. this time might be the same in that chess picking 2’s might keep the game closer if his team ended up losing.

do i neccesarily think that chess with his big ego and all devises a strategy that minimizes loss incurred from losing not really because I don’t really think chess considers losing as a pressing concern at all tbh.

also I get andres but what’s the other one

tl;dr andres is the best person to win with, but also the best person to lose to.

unless im just fundamentally misunderstanding something here

im town btw

Alright M2H I completely confused your activity level the last few times - I actually think you’re being active this game, so I’m more inclined to believe that obviously WIFOM’y statement that you’re actually Town. So, what do you want to do?

Either way, we need to sort out NotMafia yes?

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wait and see tbh

This guy is good at comedy.

You’re dead so stop talking.

Where’s your vote?