Vengeful Tournament G3

Uhm, no.

Better for M2 to win with you than with anyone else, sorry


Andres seems obvious tho

At least for godfather

tfw 0 scum claims

the fuck is wrong with u people you’re losing my respect

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I’m never going to win a single game at this rate.

Yeah I mean this is a poor argument for anything.

You can so easily hide behind this argument that I don’t even know what to do. Are you going to argue I’m Scum from here on out because I have no points and everybody wants to win with me?

@Urist seriously are you Town? Can you say something that isn’t I didn’t get a Role PM?

Sorry that’s just the m e t a g a m e

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I mean there’s 2 schools of thought right

Theres level 0 logic of level 1

Which does m2h the curse gatherer employ?

What would level negative one be?

Do you think M2 isn’t basic tho

I guess he could try the cute play but I think it’s better to rule out straightforward play first and if it’s wrong andres can shoot urist lulz

VOTE: Andresvmb

Alright, let’s get on with it.

You should probably vote that then lolol

Wow two self votes in the same game what world is this

And NotMafia isn’t even in this one

Shooting Urist is bad. I’ll flip a coin and shoot within Kiymali/Nanook.


Both arguing the exact same thing about me just because I have no points is terrible. I’m leaning Kiymali more because that seems more disingenuous but let’s see.