Vengeful Tournament G3

Is kiymale making the same argument tho :thinking:

If anyone is making the same argument as me it’s chess lol

He’s asking a question. He’s not actually siding with you. Yet.

I’m reasonably sure you can effort clear me this game lol

VOTE: Andres


I thought you were sure it was me. Why the Unvote?

And just because you are putting in low effort does not mean you’re Town.

@Ellibereth may want to refresh yourself on the hosting guide, you broke votes with the scores in the OP

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Oh I was testing if elli broke votes or not

He did

No I’m town clear for putting in any effort lol

Also sure in this case is like 60% lol

All I’m saying is you might be goon

You actually said this:

So it doesn’t sound like you were restricting yourself to claiming I’m Goon.

VCs should work now you’re welcome

I meant choosing you for gf would be too obvious

You should have written “too obvious” then. Not obvious for.

Vote him anyways a 1v1 f3 is fun

And pray he isn’t town cause then we probably lose lulz

@Urist stop skating and actually say something.

What 1v1 are you even waiting for?

A phrasing mistake on my part ty