Vengeful Mafia Reboot Hideout

Welcome! You can talk here throughout the game!

Ah again!!
You aren’t Turkish are you?

I laughed so hard when 2 new (and DIFFERENT) random sequences basically dictated the same team as before.

I’m definitely self-voting again. Can’t be a bad idea twice in a row right?

But ya. See if you have to bus me. You want to appeal to Andres and MS cause they can switch on you easily… maybe.

Probably best bet is to turn them on each other ?

Maybe I can make myself look more towny though. We’ll see

you should try to take advantage on andres’s vote on ms so that we can lynch him (like we planned from the beginning :P)
you can mention:

  1. he just said that he doesn’t find ms scummy, in 158.
  2. he might be trying to play off the suspicion urist & riley have of ms to get him lynched.
  3. he probably thinks that ms will shoot mantis (who you know is town)

thanks jc.

She’s being so cranky still :confused:

I’m going to eventually get to point 2 and 3. I’ll have to post later - baby is not allowing it right now

So the plan is to hopefully get through lylo with urist winning. I’ll hammer ms and he’ll probably shoot me.