Vaping Mafia Dead Thread

And with the first death, here’s the dead thread! Sorry you were quicklynched Vizzy, do you have any thoughts so far?

Note: any game spoilers or discussion of spoilers should be hidden away in spoiler or detail tags

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being lynched while not being here is pretty annoying though
i wasnt even able to claim

Yeah, I was pretty surprised with that lynch myself. Who do you think is the mafia here so far? :o

like i have no idea because the day was so short
the only real thing i know is Nanook is the scummiest seeming to me?
im sure someone on my wagon is scum too

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i guess scum on my wagon is a given

Do you want spoilers?


Okay! I’m interested in seeing how this plays out after that fast day one.

Hi Urist, welcome to the dead thread!

I think that you’re giving this town far too much credit.
I hope they lynch Josh. What a dick move that was.

Oh, Urist, you also received a S’Mores flavored vape juice last night. Hopefully you can enjoy it now that you’re in the hospital away from the anti-vapers.

I was thinking more along the lines of fairylit’s marijuana juice but this will have to do I suppose.

I mean, thank you for the lovely gift kind stranger! :smile:

The player who sent it said mentioned that if they had the ability to choose the flavor they would’ve sent “Zeta Reticuli Misty Mint.”

Any hot takes/wild guesses?

I have no idea who that would be! :frowning:

As for scum, a wild guess would be ffery + duckling. Reading that one convo felt like I was warped to the twilight zone.

Ooh snap a softclaim

Funnily enough I’m rooting for a certain town player to get wagoned today

It could help the town

can you vape hi-c? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

My favorite vape juice is Doctor Pepper, it has 23 flavors! (24 if you count the burning from vaping a cola)

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