Vanilla Villains (GSHM scumchat)

Per your two’s request, scumchat has been moved here. Talk away!

Ay, nice stuff!

Wow, Urist’s on the ball. Impressive. As expected from a top tier playerlist.

Per Metals request, a sample town role PM:

You’re the Trusty Sidekick! You are town.

Power 1:
Morale support—you’re so supportive of your mentor, that you’ll trust them with your vote! On even numbered days, no matter who you cast your vote for, it will be counted as being cast for the same player your mentor voted for. If your mentor is dead, your vote will not count. (Note: your mentor will be assigned during N1)

Power 2:
Pluck and determination—you’re just so goshdarn plucky and determined, the first time you’re lynched you won’t let it get you down, and you’ll survive to fight another day instead!

Your weakness is, well, weakness! You’re not a full fledged superhero yet, so you don’t have their stamina. Your lynch protection, if unused, disappears at the start of D3.

(Some players also got personalized jokes, but obviously that’s not gonna be copy/pasted here :wink: )

Oh nice, thanks Nanook :smiley:

Going to start tackling this

Can I see the sample role PM for Fly Guy (Mylo’s role)?

Sure. That ones gonna have to wait a couple though, until I’m at the laptop instead of on my phone!

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I’m just basically trying to do what I’d do as town, just a bit less erratic. Hopefully it’ll go okay?

Future Reference: Always 100% check what thread I’m talking into there. I’ve seen times where someone made a scum slip because they forgot what thread they were talking into.

We’ll see if “what you do as town” is good enough to avoid getting lynched at all.

Here’s what the town Fly Guy Role PM would look like:

You’re the Fly Guy! You’re also town.

Power 2:
Super strength—cannot be NKed or vigged normally.

Power 1:
X-ray vision—can see through walls. (equal to a watcher)

Fly Guy: Special Space Metal Bullet. (removes super strength and x-ray vision).


Are they explained what a “Special Space Metal Bullet” is?

If they asked for clarification, they’d be told that if scum targeted them with the Special Space Metal Bullet, they’d be essentially roleblocked, and would be vulnerable to a NK.

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I’ve asked this in the scum QT, but I’ll ask it again: are we unable to kill any superhero at all, unless we target them with a weakness?

Did I not answer that question? Sorry, meant to. You can only kill someone if you target them with their weakness the same night you attempt to kill them.

@Myloninja13 please make a stand and put a vote on someone. Anyone. Even myself.

Okay, sure!

Hopefully that was okay, I was as honest as I could be and in reality I’d prob be sus of Mantis for that anyway lol.

Good. Let’s see how the others react.