Urist's Quick n Dirty (Over)

The setup is thus:

1 one-shot vigilante
1 fruit vendor
3 townies

2 goons

In addition to their normal kill, the mafia have a factional one-shot optional PGO. At the end of the night, they’ll be told who targeted them (but not with what). They may optionally kill one of those people.

Role PMs:

You are a town one-shot vigilante. Be sure to read the rules.

You are a town fruit vendor. Be sure to read the rules.

You are a VT. Be sure to read the rules.

You are both mafia goons. Be sure to read the rules.



VOTE: Chess

Redemption is a helluva drug

Nanook is maybe a scum.

No u

VOTE: Tobor


Chesskid3 is a scum.

I think ActionDan is a town

Tobor be better

VOTE: Chesskid3

Hi guys

I think I’ll start here

VOTE: Nanook

Mantis is protect her scum partner.

VOTE: Tobor

Let’s go Danny boy

He is prove my point.

I am prove prove

I can’t carry without posts, please rectify tyvm.



VOTE: Elli

Chess is town so elli must be scum

That’s what solid logic looks like bois

Nanook is of sound mind and character

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