Urist's Quick n Dirty (Over)


did i miss the word draft somewhere :thinking:

I think they used excel

I suppose I should read the rules of this one.

Tobor what’s pinging you about Chess?

It’s pretty absurd how we manage to make something out of nothing with every new game tbh. How to optimally open is still something I have no idea about.

You’re looking at an optimal open just iso me bb

Actually if we’re being serious I think our fairly frequent habit of quickly running up wagons then backing off usually works pretty well as an opening. I doubt it’s optimal but it does seem to be effective, at least with the right playerlist.

Only works if we don’t back off some percent of the time.

Yeah I think it’s more effective over a stretch of time than on an individual basis

Like it loses its teeth if we never actually quick kill which is somewhat less than ideal lol

Didnt we lolhammer in the anon game

Lol yes


Ok so we are lunching elli and then who am I shooting?

Idk who is in this game tbh

hi there Tobor. Who’s my scum partner?

it’s kinda true! Although, I still don’t know if there is much to go off really. As of this post

@Nanook do you really think Chess is town?

@chesskid3 are u town