буржуазия! буржуазия! TSAR BOMBA!

Fucking hilarious it randed 1 and 2. U guys are the scumfucks.

Try to distance lul kappa keepo

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rush b

you know what sucks, when we win they’ll blame it on the setup


Blame chesspug for publicly posting the EVs

I’m just gonna let what comes naturally come…or imma try to, anyway

should i reply with this:

You’re joking, right?

How else is anyone supposed to get reads if we don’t talk to each other a bunch? That isn’t exactly possible if people are idle/afk/vla.

im not good enough to okay full posts

let’s just see how the thread vibes.

dead game is dead.

i think its pretty lively

im comparing to webcomic mafia

ongoing games br0


im merely comparing posts/hour between games, not who is posting or even looking at post contents, br0

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eh still don’t think that sort of thing is kosher need to think about from a policy pov.

we can talk about this elsewhere later

the way i figure it, it doesn’t step over the line until i start trying to find out who is active in one thread but not another. im really doing my best to only look at #posts

1570 vs 277 atm

the way i figure it people just want this game to be fucking over, except for a couple that are still invested

i think you’re misreading the situation.

Well fuck.

There are several ways I could respond to this, but the way I read it at first, and the one that’s most likely lacking scumbias is that you’re calling me out for scumreading you and/or starv