Triple Tickle Game Thread (Day 4)

Oh and btw I would be open to any constructive feedback on my play this game (per the rules of the site, feedback can’t really be given post-game w/o consent).

I cant say I’ll agree to any suggested changes to my play, but I’ll certainly listen.

I should take note of this for future games tbh.

Mindsets/entrances are definitely valid (and actually think it’s essential to informing reads in early D1), but my issue was with how much weight was given to the entrance given your knowledge of the player. I’ve found that trying to analyze slots based on entrance is most useful when you’ve played with them before (since people tend to play so differently). As evidenced here, it can lead you into mistunnel (which then leaves you kinda lost on a town flip, since all of your game assumptions up to that point had been built on that slot being scum).

By all means experiment with it and it’s definitely just a difference in playstyle, but personally I’d recommend taking entrance reads with a grain of salt unless you know the person’s tells really well.

Huh, never heard of a site doing that before. I feel like that’s the best way to improve one’s play, so I’m not sure why a Mafia site would discourage such behavior. Regardless, I’d like to do the same. If anyone has any constructive criticism (or destructive criticism, I’m fine with taking your venting :P), feel free to let me know!

That sounds roughly reasonable. Thanks for the input.

It may take me a few more town games to iron out the kinks, but it does seem like knowing players is quite useful for analyzing entrances; there really isn’t exactly a blanket definition as to what’s a scummy entrance, or what entrances towns might make that could look scummy.

And yeah, the site does surprisingly have this in the rules. Under post-game policy from an announcement (tag) in the About section:

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Game Ending Tickle

MartinGG99 was Tickled!
He was Vanilla Townie

Spak the Enforcer Wins!

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I think your better as Scum then Town.

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We take those xD

Dangit spak!

Anyways I did say that a no kill is a spak move iirc so I’m ok with that

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Honestly? I’m actually quite happy with the level of play from the Town here. Yeah mis-tunnels happen, but I also really felt people should have been more careful with their votes yesterday. That was a key moment, and it did not need to be rushed. Other than that? The Town absolutely played to their win condition, and we would have outted a few Killers even without your help there @Spak.

Yeah, I agree. Sam’s block on Phone set Town on a really good course, and I don’t think YBW was getting into an F3 (since he read like a textbook coasting killer imo). I also feel like this game mode is pretty unique in that Town almost always has a chance to get into an F3 (even if it’s 2v1v1v1, there’s a chance to kill a killer and then another gets NK’d). I take a little bit of credit for YBW, but Phone was all town lol.

Wp lol

I’m pretty sure you were the hammer vote.

Yeah as the deadline approached. Somebody made a comment about that.

Not sure what your point is there Mod. #biased.

Hang all guilties