Transitioning away from using lynch - alternatives and implementation

We’re transitioning away from the use of lynch because of it’s racially charge connotations. This topic is to discuss alternative and implementation.

Options for implementation (can be multiple with a toggle):

  1. Software that autoreplaces with an alternative.
  2. Software that gives some sort of not allowed pop up.
  3. Cultural where everyone comes together and makes sure people stop using.

That said we need to decide on what we use. Suggestions welcome. Please be at least semi-serious.

Some Candidates:

  • Execute
  • Townkill (TK)
  • Banish (to the shadow realm)
  • Eject
  • Exile

When you say that the software will auto-replace the word, you mean that it will edit the content of players posts?

Guillotine, 100%.

Nonone will agree, but still.

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Not sure what you mean by edit. It’ll be simlar to how :) maps to :slight_smile: or (tm) maps to ™.

Ellibereth’s Guillotine™

Changing the formatting of an emoticon or symbol is not the same as exchanging a word. That’s censorship. Will you be adding a profanity filter on other words as well?

Encouraging players to use a different word. Sure, on board for it. Changing the content of players posts, not for. Forced censorship is the first step to facism.

I still don’t understand why we are replacing that word though. It seems much more barring freedom to actively stomp out the word in a non-racist setting than it does letting people use it.

After all, the theme of the game is that the town mob is angry, and will try their best to kill anyone who might be evil, legally or otherwise.

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Eliminating the ability to post the word is banning it btw, not sure how you can say you’re not banning a word when you are designing software to force replace it?

Why replace the word btw? Are people actually offended by the use of the word in mafia games, I’ve never seen it


It’s not “banning” a word, it’s “forced replacement”

Just like we can’t “ban” you from play, but we can always “force replace” you.

If you can’t say something, it’s banned lol

Elli said it in zoom, there were complaints from people about this

I thought “i will support jake it will be a good meme name” but it is hard to write, guilloutine wtf

This whole situation does seem farenheit 451y to me though ironically



Imo townkill sucks because it is confusing, is vigilante kill a town kill? Or is any other role that lets town kill a townkill?
“Seth was killed so his top sr gtacc is sus rn”
“But didnt we think he was tk’ed?”

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We must eliminate the non-frenchmen! To the Guillotine with ye!

Im guilling you for this

Elli looking around at everything going on in the world

“You know what we need? More censorship.”

Some Candidates:

  • Execute (Yes)
  • Townkill (No)
  • Banish (Not with theme.)
  • Guillotine (:baguette_bread:)
  • Eject (Not with theme.)
  • Exile (Not with theme.)
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