Token Power 4: Purity Signups (7/7)

A Mafia game created by Osieorb18.
Reviewed by DV, Jackrito, Silvercrys, the worst.

Token Resistance (/in, /join, or Join: {name}):

  1. Nanook
  2. Andresvmb
  3. Jakethewolfie
  4. srceenplay
  5. LogicoftheVI
  6. seththeking
  7. Dab

Bluffing to a Win (/replace, /sub, or Replace: {name}):

The Audience Goes Wild (/spectate, /spec, or Spectate: {name}):


#6: No funny business. If you no longer wish to participate in a game for any reason, contact the host. DO NOT attempt to force the host to modkill you. DO NOT use invisible text, cryptography, tiny writing, hidden messages, acronym/alphabet claims, trust tells, lynching for reasons outside of perceived alignment, or similar. DO NOT post after you are dead. DO NOT post if you are not a player. This is a modkillable/reportable offense.

So, you can’t ever soft your claim?

It is possible to soft a claim without using code.

But I couldn’t do something like use the first letter of every word to spell out BREAD

To be fair, I don’t care THAT much about that when it’s obvious. The spirit of the rule as written is more to avoid shenanigans like two people pre-planning how to confirm to each other via a code in the thread.

I removed the “Acronym/Alphabet Claims” bit from that.

Hmm… Maybe grabbing off-site people…

New here from Mafia Colosseum

Hey welcome!

Press the blue /in button at the topic of the topic!

Got it!
Thank you

@osieorb18 I changed to /in so this game should start now