Token Power 4: Purity Mafia | Game Over - Town Win

A Mafia game created by Osieorb18.
Reviewed by DV, Jackrito, Silvercrys, the worst.

Token Resistance (/in, /join, or Join: {name}):


Role PMs have been sent out.

Day 1 will start when all 7 players have confirmed receipt of their role PMs (and I am online).


Day 1 Start

ScarletCelestial has replaced JakeTheWolfie.

Day 1 Lynch Deadline will be 1 PM MST on Sunday, March 1st, whether or not the host is around to declare it. It will then become Twilight until the host ends the Day. You may not vote during Twilight, but you may still talk and submit Day actions.

With 7 players, it takes 4 to Lynch.


:stands up:

Hello, my name is Scarlet. (Hello Scarlet) I had gotten over my Mafia addiction some time ago but recently, I relapsed. Hence why I am here at Mafia Anonymous. Wait? What do you mean this is alcoholics anonymous? Mafia anonymous is down the corridor? Oh… uh… well bye then.

It’s ok Scarlett, this is a safe place

Are roles and alignments random?
or Is scum assigned roles?

Curious, is it Celestial who said hello back?

Also I get the vibe that you could be a bad habit.

Roles are distributed to the town.
Whatever is left over goes to the mafia team.
This is my understanding of things.

Hello Scarlet!
I may be going through my own relapse as well.
It is a pleasure seeing you here.

Roles are randomized and then alignment is randomized.

So all roles are scumy

I claim tracker

I think all roles could be scum or town, yeah

Would be kinda broken otherwise

I cc. Lynch him

Say something original.
You know, like “hey Srceenplay is right”

Optimal play today is to lynch Seth today and evaluate over night.

VOTE: seth

Hey srceenplay is right