Token Power 4: Purity Mafia Chatroom

Nanook, you are Mafia 1-shot Envelope Inventor:

Andresvmb, you are Mafia 1-shot Claim Vigilante:

You two know that the following role is not in the game and could be used as fake claim if you so desired:

You may chat here at any time.

Okay. I am definitely excited about this Partnership. Let’s get it.

I meant to /out and forgot to, fun fact.

So let’s do this thing!

@Andresvmb Official Prod (2 posts overall in an over-24-hour game day.)

NK screen?

I was about to actually read through the game and start posting. That’s an early Lynch. Just give me one second.

I would kill outside of those that were part of the Dab lynch. That way we can concentrate the next lynch amongst those that were on Dab and I buy some time to look Townie (which I can definitely do with this group of players).

So that’s Scarlet haha no other choice.

That’s one way to do it. I’m not opposed to NK’ing Srceen either only because he’s probably the best Town player alive. I wouldn’t underestimate Seth here either, but for whatever reason people tend not to listen to him. The way he hammered though makes him easy lynchbait.

So yeah that’s what I think. I would NK Scarlet, but Srceen is a fine choice too. I just think we can get Seth more easily Lynched with an NK outside the wagon. That’s all.

Scarlet is a fine kill, sure. I think screen is most dangerous tbh. Up to you.

Alright, let’s do Srceen.

I don’t have any insight into people’s roles yet and Srceen was definitely lying about being Tracker so I won’t use my ability.

Night Kill: Srceenplay.

I’ll send Seth the envelope with a message that says “boo”


@Nanook: You can’t write on the first sending, but Seth as a target heard.

@Andresvmb @Nanook Srceenplay nightkill heard.

In that case I’ll give andres the envelope instead @osieorb18

Doesn’t work the way I thought it did :woman_shrugging:

Unless I can give it to myself?

Can’t self-target. Andres heard.

@Andresvmb You have received an envelope!