Token Power 4 Spec Chat

Token Power 4 Spec Chat.


LogicoftheVI - 1-shot Commuterizer
Seththeking - 1-shot Tracker
ScarletCelestial - 1-shot Bread Baker
Dab - 1-shot Doc
Srceenplay - 1-shot Item Thief

Nanook - Mafia 1-shot Envelope Inventor
Andresvmb - Mafia 1-shot Claim Vig

Fake Claim: Town 1-shot Bus Driver


Night 1 Actions:

  • Nanook sends Andresvmb an Envelope.
  • Scarlet sends Seth bread.
  • Srceenplay steals from Seth.
  • Andresvmb nightkills Srceenplay.
  • Seth tracks Andresvmb.
  • Logic commutes Scarlet.

Night 2 Actions:

  • Nanook nightkills Logic.

Mafia Chat

what the fuck

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Seth dies and I think logic gets lynched mafia wins

Also kinda want to know why I was lynched after 50 posts because thats literally the reason we might lose

I only understand seth’s votre