This game will last a month at most (7/7 Game Over!)

This is another experiment!

This game pace will be potentially more leisurely than most Mafia451 games have been so far.

The Game:

An Open 5 Town 2 Mafia setup with majority lynch rules and no daytalk for mafia. Vote for your preferred setup if you plan to play:

  • Eyes (never played that I know of)
  • California (expected to be mafiasided, but stats so far are 1-1)

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Day and Night lengths

The game is expected to last about a month. Maximum day lengths will be N+3 where N is the number of living players. Day 1 will last 10 days, Day 2 will last 8 days, Day 3 (if there is a Day 3) will last 6 days.

Nights will last 48 hours.

Please be able to post AT LEAST ONCE per real life day.
And please check your calendars to assure you’ll be able to play the whole game if it does last a month.
Prods will be issued after 36 hours of inactivity.

Let’s talk!

sheepsaysmeep (Eyes only)


(I’ll try out VCbot for this game. See here.)


/in. Eyes looks more interesting to me, but I’d play either.


fwiw good with either, eyes looks a bit scumsided too but 100% still playable

in only if the setup is eyes


Was invited here by Nanook, but I think I know Ellibereth & fferyllt from Playdip Live Mafia and I recognize sheepsaysmeep from MU maybe??

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Hello, shadow! Welcome and thanks for /inning!

That makes 7. I’ll do a quick check with the folks who voted for California to see if they’re willing to play Eyes and either start the game or update with the number of player slots still open.

Cool. Don’t know the difference between California and Eyes so I’m good with whatever.

Nice interface by the way… automatically updating, post preview at the same time as you can write the code… what have I been missing out on all these years? :laughing:

There are links to the two setups in the poll section of the OP.

The interface is pretty cool! There are some non-obvious features and some things that might not work as you’d expect. The Tips and Tricks topic and How To Category can help you get up to speed, but don’t hesitate to ask about anything that’s confusing or if you can’t figure out how to do something.

Links to both are in the blue menu bar at the top of every page.

Wow, those are cool features. I especially love the edit post rule that keeps the edit history and the highlight to quote functionality.

Looking forward to this! I might not be checking in here until the game starts, so feel free to message me on discord if you want to ping me.

The only real downside to this site is the lack of easy pagination, especially on mobile (the lack of an automatic vote counter can be a hassle but isn’t that bad, really). Otherwise, it’s a really awesome interface.

Ok, Eyes setup it is.

Role PMs and whatnot will go out within the next 12 hours or so.

I’ve added it to the OP, but to confirm and assure that everyone is aware, I’ll use the @VCbot for this game. More info here: Introducing VCbot - Crowdsourced Vote Counts