The Wormhole (dead thread)

Welcome to the afterlife!

Welcome, skitter30!

tyty :slight_smile:

Screw you muffins.

@fferyllt out of curiosity—did MS have an orb? And does Josh have a useful role?

MS did not have an orb. Josh’s role could become useful.

how did the orb happen?


was there someone who had access but didn’t talk or was i being too paranoid about the 8 unique IP thing? lol

You were being too paranoid about the unique IPs. I probably accounted for 2 or 3 of those myself.

so you cheated me…

There is not much I can do about my phone/hotspot randomly changing IP addresses. :cry:

uh, why did i die? i literally was behind for basically the whole day phase

because you’re skeeeery.

why was the neighbourhood a QT?

Because there is a possibility of an eavesdropper.

oh, so i had the right idea, just wrong on it happening last night. lol

or youre trolling me