The Triple Tickle FM 9er

The Triple Tickle


5 Vanilla Townie

Upon Day 1 you will choose the priority of the 3 Killers from 1 to 3.
Priority 1 attacks first, then 2 attacks next then 3 attack next. If ones dead then they are skipped.
You can target someone each night and either Roleblock, Protect or Heart Rate them.
(Your choice)

Heart Rate - High or Low Result.
Low - Killer that doesn’t attack
High - Town or Attacking Killer

Killers take turns to attack and don’t win with each other.

The Killers are:

If all Killers are dead, Town Wins.
If there is only a Killer left, that Killer wins.
In a 1v1 scenario with a Killer and a Town, that Killer wins.
In a 1v1 scenario with Killer and Killer it is decided as follow:
Enforcer beats Instigator
Instigator beats Advisor
Advisor beats Enforcer

1 Overall KPN if that wasn’t clarified.

Yeah probably won’t end up calling it triple “tickle” in the end.

Come Tickle with me!

Come on and Join!

Fun idea. I love playing me some kingmaker.

After this game I’ll see how it plays out and determine if I should give the killers another ability.

Instigator - Target a player and if they visit they are silently redirected to the Instigator and you know their role.
Enforcer - Doc with 1-Shot Self Heal.
Advisor - Some kind of vote manipulation.

But that’s for after this game if I deem this setup to be too town sided.

Wowie, I got the last signup.

No I still need 1 more.

It’s 9er not 8er.


Just to make sure, does “one overall KPN” mean that there will be only one kill every night, even though there are three solo killers? Or am I being dumb?

You need click the Blue “In” Button.

One kill per night.

Oh I’m dumb I wasn’t paying attention.

Sucks that Min and GTacc are too busy and left game.
We still need 2 more.


Sending out Rolecards now.

I also run things differently, I start the game as soon as Rolecards are sent.
Almost finished Rolecards and game should be up soon.